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Airflow pulverization grader can also improve these aspects

  Apple skin, citrus skin, wheat bran, corn skin, bean skin, rice bran, beet slag, sugar canesets, etc. The absorption effect should also be greatly reduced, and after the processing is treated with gas flow, it can significantly improve the eating taste and absorption.

  Airflow pulverization grading machine

  It is possible to multi-level classifying machine series, and produces a product of several particle size distribution segments. It has a larger feature that the machine has convenited and convenient, and the lumen is free. The full machine device system software is closed, small smoke, dust collector equipment, low noise, processing process cleaning environmental protection. This means that its great advantage is not only full of functions, but there is no smoke disclosure during all crushing. Comply with environmental protection requirements.

  The airflow pulverization classifier is a new type of high-efficiency gas flow pulverization unit for material grading in the horizontal direction of air eddy currents in the selection machine, and the formation of the formation machine principle Unlike the centrifugal, the cyclone classifier is very different, because its performance is excellent in the traditional powder powder, the energy saving effect is significant, and the current airflow pulverization unit is widely used in the thickness of light materials. The principle of the airflow pulverization classifier is when the gas passes the injection of the injector, the raw material enters the pulverizer, there are multiple pulverized nozzles in the pulverizing room, and the supersonic air flow is injected, so that the material is high-speed impact and the material collide with each other. The tribe is pulverized, and the coarse particles are separated, the coarse particles continue to be pulverized, and the distribution is uniform ultrafine powder can be obtained after the interior closed circuit is pulverized. The airflow pulverization classifier is suitable for dry ultra-microvelopes. Due to large impact speeds, it is easy to obtain 1-10 microns particles, depending on the material properties, it can obtain less than 1 micron particles; there is a closed circuit inside the airflow pulverization changing machine. The coarse particles in the formulation are constantly circulating, and therefore obtains uniform particles, small particle size distribution ranges.

  Airflow Crushed Cracks The entire production flow line is operated with full enclosed negative pressure, most of which use PLC programming control, minimizing people as operational and controlling factors, the control cabinet can be placed in a separate control room in the distance, and the packaging is automatically packaged. Machine, on-site observation adopts monitoring probe, you can do itTo unmanned operation. The airflow pulverization classifier is widely used in the distribution plant and the ball mills into the closure cycle process. Divided into the mine, or use the ore sand and fine mud in the gravity distribution plant, and the metal mineralization process is granularized, and the wash Detecting, dehydration, etc. in mine operations; airflow pulverization grades can be widely used in many departments such as mines, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. The airflow pulverization classifier is a crusher machine that utilizes two jaws to extrusion and bending, coarse crushing or smashing various hardness materials.

  The two major advantages of airflow pulverization grades have both price and maintenance, and there is a production site in many enterprises, accounting for the end. In order to solve the deficiencies of the airflow pulverization grader in terms of precision and energy consumption, experts have given the following recommendations.

  First, increase the secondary body of the coarse powder exit. This solves the waste of particles that are not separated in the traditional grading method. After the grading, it is necessary to be aligned with the secondary air supply device, so that the coarse powder is effectively discharged.

  Second, we just talked about the exit of the coarse powder, in fact, in the outlet export, it is necessary to carry out secondary ventilation. Such actions are to put a force to the fine powder, so that the fine powder is discharged smoothly. This also allows the airflow pulverization grader to save unnecessary energy waste.

  Third, experts found in practice, the import of the secondary body is also energy-saving. But this method is advantageous. The airflow pulverization classifier is also used cautiously according to the actual situation.

  In the past context of economic globalization, more and more foreign exchanges have become an inevitable trend in all walks of life. For AlPa powder, this communication is not only promoted. The exchange of information, and accelerated the pace of ALPA powder into internationalization.