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How do you use a gas flow pulverizer? Scientifically

  With the emphasis on gas flow grinding, the demand continued to expand, and the number of gas flow grinding production companies in my country has increased. In 2019, my country's airflow grinding industry, the market share of the market, mainly has Shandong Alpa, NTH, Mianyang Energy, Jiangsu Miki, Kichuan Mikran. Most of these enterprises have no difference. Compared with 2018, new entries and exit rankings have existence. This shows that my country's gas flow grinding industry pattern has a large change possibility.

  Airflow pulverizer In daily production, on the one hand, the product production is improved, and the airflow pulverizer is a mechanical equipment, and some faults will often occur. So what should we pay attention to during the usual use?First, the airflow crusher is ready

  1. Check the host, connecting machine, pipe, valve, etc. It must be in a good condition.

  2. Set the frequency and bandwidth of the pulse controller to ensure smooth flow of the filter bag.

  Second, boot

  1. Open and export cooling valves before opening the air compressor and the freeze dryer to ensure normal flow of cooling water.

  2. The start operation of the compressor should be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the compressor.

  3. The pressure regulator of the compressor can adjust the pressure of the storage tank, which makes it more pressure than the pressure of 0.1 MPa.

  4. Open the freeze dryer to confirm whether the pressure meets the requirements.

  5. Open the shaft cleaning valve and air sealing valve, adjust the pressure of 0.1 0.3 MPa, then start the grading wheel, and gradually adjust the required speed from zero through the drive.

  6. Turn off the fan regulating valve, open the fan, then gradually open the fan import valve, adjust the desired air volume.

  7. When the crushed pressure reaches 0.8 MPa, open the main gas valve; turn on the anti-blowing valve, the pressure of the anti-blowing valve reaches 0-4-0.6 MPa; then open the cyclone separator and the trap one by one Unload the valve.

  8. When loading, pay attention to the control position and check whether the limit value of the hierarchical impeller current meets the requirements. If not, you should be reset.

  Third, the operation regulations

  The system adopts advanced PLC + touch screen control mode, the terminal touch screen is the operation of the system, becauseThis, accurately grasp all the key features of the screen, which is critical to the correct operation of the system. Fourth, stop

  1. Stop the spiral feeder feeding. 2. Turn off the main gas valve and stop the compressor. 3. Turn off the air inletter in the air, and stop the fan. 4. Stop-level impeller motor, turn off the cleaning valve and sealing valve. 5. Stop the wind spindlers and trap detractive valves. 6. After the stop is over, turn off the control box power.

  V. Precautions

  1. When the discharge is running, it is strictly forbidden to put the hand into the outlet of the unloader to prevent injured hands. 2. The grading impeller speed cannot exceed the specified value, otherwise the grading wheel and the motor are destroyed. 3. The safety valve must be regularly verified.

  Sixth, airflow pulverizer maintenance and overhaul

  1. The operation and maintenance of the wind turbine.

  Clear dust in the fan every week, especially the blade of the leaves. Add lubricating oil (2 # calcium base grease) in the bearing box. In the fan open, during the operation, if there is an abnormal noise or the body vibration, the body vibration should be stopped immediately.

  2. Host

  Check the wear of graded impeller, helical feeder, and pulverizing nozzle every twelfth month.

  After 200 ~ 300 hours, it is necessary to clean the powder in the nozzle, the inner wall of the cavity and the grading wheel to prevent the crushing and grading effect. At the pulse valve for 200 ~ 300 hours, the filter bag or exchange must be cleaned. Grading motor bearing lubrication. When the operation of 2000 hours, the molybdenum sulfide grease must be added properly, and there is not much to add too much, otherwise the bearing temperature is increased.

  3. Planetary waste valve

  During the operation of this machine, if an abnormal sound is found, it should be checked immediately. Clean an impeller and body in the body every three months. Fill a 00 # extreme pressure lithium nipide every three months.

  4. Operation and maintenance of pulse bag filter

  The solenoid valve operates in operation, check once every three months, and cleans dust removal. Check the complete situation of the filter bag every six months and replace it. If the air outlet is running, if there is a routing, it should check if the filter bag is detached and broken. Whether the frame presses loose, the gasket is aging, and replaced. The pulse controller and solenoid valve check whether it can work properly before booting.

  5. Control cabinet

  The control cabinet pays attention to dustproof, and the control cabinet door is tightened to prevent dust from entering. Purdled every half a monthClean up dust and prevent contact failure.

  The above is the correct operation and maintenance method of the Shandong El Patient Equipment.

  Airflow Crusher. Have you learned it?

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