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The design is crucial in titanium powder processing.

  Tanks and armored car composite panels have high requirements for hardness and impact resistance. This composite plate is less than 30% to 50% by the ordinary tank steel plate, and the impact strength is 1 ~ 3 times, it is one Ultimate new composite. Ultra-fine ceramic powder can meet this requirement, and the preparation of ultrafine ceramic powders is accomplished by airflow mill.

  Titanium powder first mainly used in spraying, metallurgy, industrial, aviation, military, etc. However, titanium powder is often not directly used in these aspects, and further processing is needed.How to treat titanium metal, first manufacture ingot, melt the sponge body (or add a mother alloy with a sponge to form a ingot; then preliminate, put the ingot into general mechanical products, such as blank, stick, Boards, sheets, strips and tubes; final processing and manufacturing, further processing of mechanical products.

  It is critical in the treatment of titanium, which is controlled to pulverize the particle size of titanium powder. So select the airflow pulverizer to complete. Because the airflow pulverizer can go to the micrometer crushing effect, the powder strength is large, the structure is simple, easy to clean, can be aseptically, and the purity of titanium powder is guaranteed. Titanium powder is easily contaminated by gas such as oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen in the air. Pollution causes various situations, including embrittlement, and embrittlement reduces the overall use of welding and causing the connection failure.

  Airflow pulverizer can utilize inert gas protection during the pulverization of titanium powder, can effectively avoid the above problems.

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  The breakthrough of crusher, classifier, and granulation, coating, coating, and decoration of AlPa, breaking through foreign technical barriers, filling the domestic industry gap, greatly promoted medicine , Technical progress and industrial upgrading in the fields of food, chemical, minerals, new materials, solid waste treatment. He has won the honorary title of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund", "Shandong Province's first batch of gazelle enterprises", "Shandong invisible champion enterprise", "high-tech enterprise", "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise" and other honorary titles.