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Do you understand the operation of the airflow crusher?

  Small laboratory gas flow grinding, laboratory equipment, small gas flow grinding, laboratory airflow classifier, for various laboratory requirements, special airflow pulverization unit for manufacturing production. The product has: full-negative pressure design, high pulverized grading accuracy, uniform particle size distribution, small land and other features. It can be widely used in various experiments such as colleges, pharmaceuticals, and materials.

  The use of airflow mill is very familiar, and any mechanical equipment is not absolutely safe, there is a certain degree of danger, but as long as the safety specification, it will greatly avoid safety. risk. Therefore, the basic requirements for the safe operation of grinding machines are also we must know, so we must study carefully to keep them in time. The main content is:

  (1) When the equipment is run, the operator should stand in the security zone and cannot stand in the danger zone, and Party B will be in a dangerous state. In addition, this is impossible to do some dangerous actions, and hands cannot span the security line.

  (2) The airflow pulverizer should be firmly installed. If it is fixed, it should be fixed based on the cement. In the case of moving operation, it should be fixed to the chassis, and the power and pulley grooves should be located on the same rotation plane.

  (3) After the installation, check the fastening of the fastener, if loosen, timely tightening, and should also check if the belt fastening is suitable.

  (4) When the machine is running, the operator should pay attention to how it is running. If there is an abnormality, it should be handled in time.

  (5) The equipment should be evenly fed, and the equipment cannot be overloaded for a long time, causing damage to equipment.

  Airflow pulverizer

  There is no flammable or explosive substance or gas in the workshop. The ceramic lining pipe is made of high-tech production process - self-provisional high temperature clutch synthesis method. The tube consists of three layers of corundum ceramics, transition layer, and steel from the inner to the outside, and the ceramic layer is formed in a high temperature of 2,200 ° C (Al2O3) to form a strong bond through the transition layer with the steel pipe. The airflow pulverizer is that the compressed air is accelerated by the Lavar nozzle to accelerate the supersonic gas stream, and the material is fluidized (the airflow expansion is suspended from each other, so each particle has the same movement) status.

  ALPA autonomous intensive joint powder surface modification deviceAnd the process won the national invention patent, which improves the functional characteristics of inorganic non-metal powder, greatly improves the added value of the product, expanding the application space of inorganic non-metallic powder. Lithium battery positive material special crushing technology system won the national utility model patent, the new product identification hosted by Sino-Science (Beijing) Science and Technology Achievements Evaluation Center, the main performance indicators of this technology have reached the leading level of domestic similar products.