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After the sodium bicarbonate is used as a desulfurization adsorbent

  The use of ultra-micro gas flow grinding is very broad, such as the ultrafine comminution demand for multi-industry dry materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, creative, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical industry. Especially for fibrous, high toughness, high hardness, etc., is more perfect.

  Sodium bicarbonate raw materials are generally only dozens of glue particles, to achieve higher reaction activity, the adsorbent must have a large specific surface area, before jetting the desulfurization device, sodium bicarbonate must be super Microclast. The equipment used in the industry is generally used by the MQL type ultrafine pulverizer, and the following small series will detail the function and characteristics of the MQL type ultrafine pulverizer.

  1. Dry desulfurization treatment, simple and reliable process, can meet 365 days * 24 hours;

  2. Grinding and grading integration, can be efficient and flexible Particle size;

  3. Optimize the pulverization structure, low temperature rise;

  4.HCl removal rate> 99%; SO2 removal rate> 95%;

  5. Bring power, easy to repair;

  6. Dry process removes the ability to remove more than 95% of SO2, 99% HCl in the exhaust gas, invest in province;

  7. low failure rate, stable operation, less maintenance, short repair time, suitable for continuous operation, year Operation time exceeds 8000 hours;

  8. Crushing grading integrated design, by adjusting the graded wheel to achieve ideal particle size;

  9. Continuous grading device, product particle size D90: 10-45 microns are adjustable, granules The shape is good, the particle size distribution is narrow;

  10. The wind is inlet, and the pulverization temperature can be reduced. If there is a high demand for temperature, the cold wind device can be paired;

  11. The structure is compact, the mill and the fan are very easy to remove, Clean online, reduce downtime;

  12. The whole system is closed, less dust, low noise, clean environmental protection;

  13. Control system adopts program control, easy to operate.

  Sodium bicarbonate ultra-microfiner is widely used in flue gas dry purification, in municipal waste disposal, waste treatment, biofuels, power plants, cement factories, ceramic industries, non-metal industries, glass manufacturing industries, steel mills Waste garbage incineration, crisis burning, sludge incineration, all kinds of focusAmong the exhaust gas of the furnace, there is a gas of acidic substances, such as SO2, HCl, etc., which can reach the demanding requirements of environmental protection with small soda (sodium bicarbonate), and the cost is still very low.

  The MQL type ultra-microfiner is one of the main equipment of Shandong El Pai, in addition to the preparation of small soda (sodium bicarbonate), also widely used in various powder processing fields, equipment has The feature of high precision, high yield, good stability, is a large amount of production equipment, Shandong Erpai provides free incoming experiments and testing, welcome users to call and discuss cooperation. Shandong ALPA Powder Technology has always firmly convinced that the basis of the global brand is the improvement of product and service quality, and behind the quality of the quality is a fear of market. Under the line, from a single channel to multi-dimensional propagation, from China to overseas, Shandong AlPa powder technology has always been combined with dealers, the user's demand is centered, and the quality improvement is based on the construction of globalization. The powder equipment brand is a vision, continuously striding forward, and has achieved a new breakthrough, and a strong "Chinese voice" in the industrial powder equipment field.