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Three ways for long-distance transportation of airflow crushers

Airflow mill manufacturer introduces that gas flow mills are very common in some non-metal industries, because gas flow grinding can uniformly uniform, its particle size distribution is not only narrow, but also the surface of the particles is also very smooth. And the shape of the particles is also very uniform, and there will be no strange shape.

If you want to consult the airflow crusher equipment, you know that when you consult the price of crusher equipment, our sales staff will explain that our crusher equipment's quote package does not contain shipping, I believe that users of friends can understand. Although it does not contain freight but does not mean that we are not responsible for the transportation of equipment. Usually we have three different ways of transportation, ensuring that the crusher can reach your side.

If the user who is close to us can come to our factory directly to pick up the goods, we will also provide delivery on the door, but will charge a certain fee (including oil Fee, crossing fee, etc.). This approach is to compare directly, but only for users with near-distance users.

Transportation through logistics company, this is a common way of transportation. When we agree with our users, the equipment consignment will be transported to the logistics company, but they will only be sent to a site close to the user. If the user has time to pick up the goods, it is inconvenient to ask the freight company to deliver the goods.

Logistics company direct car, some users may not want to delay in the transportation mode, so we will find a special logistics line, which can directly send the crusher to the area specified by the user. This way is very fast, but relatively, the cost is definitely more expensive than ordinary transportation.

The above is a few ways to choose a long-distance transportation of the airflow, have you learned?

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