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What factors are affected by the development of airflow classifiers

The machine has a comminuted host, a cyclone separator, a pulse dust box, and the like. The material is subjected to a pulverized chamber by the addition of the feed, and the high-speed rotating hard alloy blade is pulverized, and the pulverized fineness can adjust the distance from the hierarchy and the hierarchical disc to achieve the desired fineness, and the smash of the material is turned from heart and the fluid. The role enters the cyclone separator, and then the dust is discharged through the shutter, and the dust enters the pulse dust box and is filtered after filter cartridge. The machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard, all of which can be manufactured in 304 stainless steel materials, and there is no dust in the pulverization process.

In recent years,

Airflow assemblers

There are many new faces, these emerging airflow grading machine equipment manufacturers, also face many obstacles Factors, there is no mature technology and team, is destined to not have a long way. So, what factors do you blocked?
(i) funding obstacles

In the initial stage of the establishment, companies need to invest large amounts of funds and research and development, with gradual expansion of application and customers' product function and characteristic requirements Diversified, companies need to continue to invest in technical updates and product iterations. In addition, due to most of the airflow crushing equipment is non-standardized products, companies need to produce various types of products to meet the needs of different customers, require higher operational capital to ensure the smooth production of various products, thus increasing the capital pressure of enterprises, thus increasing The overall capital barrier in the industry.
(2) Technology and experience obstacles

In recent years, with the extensive extensive extensive application in the airflow assembly, ultra-fine pulverization equipment is moving towards the nano-stage direction, market pair The performance characteristics of airflow crushing equipment have put forward increasingly high requirements. Manufacturers of airflow crushing equipment must have powerful research and development strength and rich experience, continuously optimize new products to meet the needs of market development. In addition, due to the technical requirements of the airflow crushing equipment in product design, production, installation, future maintenance, there is no relevant technical or industry experience is impossible to enter the industry.

(3) Brands and Market Status Disorders

At present, most airflow classifier equipment are non-standardized products, so they need to be fully communicated with customers. According to customerThe production process of the household and the characteristics of crushing materials. The supplier has frequent replacement costs, relatively stable and long-term business cooperation, so the airflow crushing equipment industry has high customer viscosity and customer loyalty. When customers choose airflow commissioning equipment, they will choose more experience, high quality historical performance and good market reputation to reduce risks. However, due to lack of performance support and market image, new companies are generally universal in bidding.

(4) The obstacle to talents

my country's airflow classifier equipment industry is still in its infancy, and has not yet formed a complete special talent training and education system, while high-quality research and development, sales staff. And the management team is a key factor in the success of the industry. "With the rapid change of gas flow crushing equipment, material stability, crushing fineness, related research and development and technicians not only need to master mechanical engineering knowledge, but also need solid physical and chemical background, which further causes high-end core talents in the airflow crushing equipment industry. Scarce, and this kind of core talents have long, the industry's overall talent barriers are high.

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