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The gas flow crusher is in the industry leader, how is the airflow pulverizer?

Wuhan University of Technology Ye Jing invented "Chinese herbal medicine impact friction" can effectively solve the problem of ultrafine pulverization efficiency in the ultrafine pulverization method of Chinese herbal medicines, especially existing airflow pulverization devices The disadvantage of the use of physical properties. The working principle is fed from the spiral feeder to the centrifugal disc, and the mixing acceleration tube is passed through the material dispenser and the plurality of nozzles, respectively, the rotary target is respectively, and the rotary target is friction on different rotating target surfaces. Under the action, the medicinal material is impacted, and after rubbing, the coil flows into the turbo grading mechanism of the upper part of the equipment, and the qualified product is separated, and the disguised dispenser will be dispensed. The results of the crush show that there is a good effect on the toughness of the plant's powder brittle Chinese herbal medicine and fiber, and the pearl mother of minerals has a good effect. Thermal resin has a good effect.

Today, talking about how the gas flow crusher is working. There are many people who know the airflow crusher and the airflow crusher is in a leading position in the same industry. How is the air current pulverizer classified? Classification words are mainly classified by high speed rotation. In fact, the grading wheel can be seen as a drum, the bottom of the drum is fixed by the motor spindle to rotate the roller, the enrollment target and the fine powder is relatively, when the relative gap between the work is not too large, there is no gap between the coarse powder sorting time It is from the gap to the microtube, so the powder is not pure, in order to avoid this, do some processing at the gap, in the leaf junction. There is a small gap between the blades to separate the fine powder. The destroyed object will be shipped by the wind. The standard of the ultrafine powder will enter the gap between the blade and the microchannel, and the larger unqualified will fall in the second piece after the grading wheel is broken or splashed into the outer wall, according to oneself It is necessary to adjust the speed of the grading wheel. Thickness of different objects.

According to the degree of mixing of the raw material in the air and the grinding chamber, the current giant filling airflow mill of the drive motor is controlled. This manifest is simple, convenient, fast, feasible, easy to control. When the degree of mixing of air and objects increases, with the goal of air flow, the increase in circular objects in the classification, the increase in driving current grading wheel, and the current decline is slow, how much Ability to manipulate the feeding, make the air and objects of the mixture to the best condition, when the drive current grading wheel increases, immediatelyIn addition to the feed and adhere to the stable work balance, it can effectively guarantee product quality.

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