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The gas flow crusher particle size is thick, is they worn?

  Ultrafine pulverized machinery is used in a crushing method, and the ultra-fine pulverized ultrafine pulverizer is developed. With the continuous development of ultrafine pulverization technology, a variety of ultrafine pulverized equipment dry pulverization is system Take the main method of ultrafine powder. Dry ultra-fine pulverization machines are generally divided into two categories: ultra-micro gas flow mill and mechanical ultrafine pulverizer.

  Airflow pulverizer is widely used in chemical plants, coal industry, wear-resistant materials, fire-resistant materials, lithium battery materials, metallurgical industries, decorative building materials, pharmaceutical, porcelain, food, fertilizers, fine feed, new type Materials, environmental protection and other manufacturing industries and ultrafine pulverization, scattering and granulated plastic surgery in various coated raw materials. As the airflow pulverizer is put into use, the problems encountered during the use process may also increase. Sometimes it may be that users can solve themselves, and some may require manufacturers' technical support to solve.

  Today, we say that the parts that may be worn frequently in the air current crusher, and how to solve it.

  When the airflow pulverizer is used for a period of time, one may occur is that the particle size is thick. So what should I do if I have this situation?

  The particle size is thick, meaning that it may decline in production. This causes this cause may include wear of the blade, a bushing and other components. These common components require daily maintenance. At the same time, it is also necessary to conduct an examination of the wear situation. If wear is serious, please replace it immediately. Otherwise, the particle size is thicker.

  The finer maintenance of airflow crushers, the longer the service life, the longer the service life, the higher it for your value. The airflow pulverizer can also be customized according to the customer's requirements, and the materials are divided into two kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel plates. It can also be customized in a model specification for the customized size. For certain flammable and explosive materials, a rare gas can be kept closing, and the rare gas circulation system is applied, which is extremely low, and the resource is reasonable. ALPA adheres to the customer-oriented, service as the core, quality as the business philosophy of life, and adheres to the service standards of formation, limited time, standardization, value-added, and all Process, all-weather S530 service commitment to provide customers with but not limited to project consultation, feasibility analysis, craftsmanship, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning, personnel training, After-sales service, quality of Miles, etc. EPC project summary service.