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Four components of filter cartridge in airflow pulverizer equipment

Ceramic liner airflow pulverization classifier application range: non-metallic mine: kaolin, talc, graphite, light calcium carbonate, mica, vermiculite, spinel, concave stone, silica, magnesium stone, Bentonite, etc. High hardness materials: silicon carbide, corundum, zirconia, carbide, electrical stone, silica, alumina, garnet, zircon sand, diamond, etc. Chemical materials: aluminum hydroxide, silicone, white carbon black, wood powder, ring Oxygen resin, toner, polytetrafluoroethylene, foaming agent, magnesium hydroxide, cellulose, triulfide, trioxide, titanium powder, alumina, dye, pigment, etc. Pesticide materials: polystrichum, methyl Tobon, herbicide powder, pesticide powder, bactericide powder wettable powder, etc. Medicine materials: green tea, salvia, pearl powder, sturdy powder, three seventh, Western green fruit, nimor, non-Nobet, Ibuprofen, bismuth nitrate, can be loose, penicillin, pollen, pearl powder, nimmist equality food material: barley powder, food calcium, coral reef, large wheat seedlings, gum powder and other pigment materials: iron oxide, chromium oxide, phthala Cyine, cadmium red, cadmium blue and other metallic materials: zinc powder, aluminum powder, magnesium powder, tin powder, copper powder, tantalum powder, tin lead alloy powder, molybdenum iron powder, etc. battery material: lithium cobaltate, cobalt oxide, manganese acid Lithium, manganese dioxide, lithium nickellate, lithium carbonate, coke carbon, graphite, lithium iron phosphate, bitumen, composite, etc. Other new materials: rare earth materials, magnetic materials, ceramic materials, refractory materials, electronic materials, etc.

As one of the important components of the airflow pulverizer equipment, the structure and installation of the filter cartridge is first introduced. The filter tube has a very important position in the airflow pulverizer equipment. It is mainly used for filtration of airflow pulverizer equipment. The four-component filter tube, the material choice of each component is very important. For example, the material of the upper cover can be a polyurethane, the material of the filter material may be a long fiber spun-adhesive, and the inner mesh portion may be punched galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel, the sealing ring can also be rubber, food grade silicone or Elastic ring, etc. Different equipment requirements have different filter tubes.

The main components of the filter tube include: upper cover, metal frame, folding filtration material, and base.

The filtering of the filter tube is generally selected to be arranged vertically on the box, and of course, it can be inclined on the plate. However, from the production practical application effect, vertical installation clothIt is reasonable. In actual installation and use, there are also different equipment requirements, different device parameters, different installation process requirements.

Shandong Erfa produced airflow pulverizer mineral equipment used environmental protection materials on the selection of equipment components. Design different parameters according to different airflow crushing equipment requirements. To achieve the equipment that meet the needs of users. The company's one-stop pre-sale, after-sales service, allowing each user to choose the product, comfortable use.

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