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The airflow pulverizer is concentrated in the concentrated granularity, and the advantages of large

  The development of Chinese medicine in China has been very fast. However, if there is no airflow milling in the process of development, it is not fully useful. As the Chinese medicine equipment industry is also a multi-development opportunity in the machining machinery industry, which is in the production process of pharmaceutical production. Particles are also very important for drugs or biological utilization. The main reason is that crush is a very important part.

  The airflow pulverizer has been used in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been favored by the majority of users because of its unique advantages. The gas flow pulverizer is smashing in full-closed state, the fineness of the pulverized particles is better, the particle shape is good, the output is also large, the pulverization process is no dust production, and the material is purified by the purity after crushing, which greatly saves raw materials.

  The airflow pulverizer can reach the effect of the cell-breaking wall during the pulverization process, which greatly increases the effective component dissolution of the medicinal material, and the drug effect is also more easily absorbed by the human body. Experts pointed out that after the gas flow crusher is pulverized, the minimum component can be used to achieve the original efficacy. In the pulverization process, it can work according to different medicinal materials and crushed degrees, generally use a gas flow pulverizer to pulverize drugs. It is possible to save resources between 30% and 70%.

  The airflow pulverizer is in the process of work, and we still have to pay attention to many places. We have to check the temperature rise of the airflow pulverizer bearing periodically. When the bearing temperature rises to 50 degrees, it is necessary to stop checking the fault, and eliminate the fault in time; when the airflow mill is running, the transmission belt is easy to eliminate. Adjust the tightness of the belt to ensure the life of the belt; the lifting site should be checked and replaced in time to ensure the quality of production and productivity.

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