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What equipment should you choose to get 1000 destination precision fine powder?

  Inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier The entire production line is running through full enclosed negative pressure cycle, most of which use PLC programming control, minimizing people as operating and controlling factors, can be placed in a separate control room, packaging The automatic packaging machine is used, and the on-site observation uses the monitoring probe, which can be completely unattended.Recently, some customers are not concentrated in the small particle size of resources, and they need to screen 1000 mesh powder. Is there any equipment to solve? The answer is of course possible. I recommend him the airflow classifier of our company, accurately screen the target powder, the selected powder particle size is concentrated, and the particle size can be adjusted, not only 1000 mesh, but also adjust other particle size.

  The airflow classifier is a set of grading systems, a grading machine and a cyclone separator, a dust collector, and a guide. It can be accurately classified 200-5000 mesh, and the material is moved by the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the bottom of the stamping machine to separate the thick centrifugal force in high-speed rotation, so that the crude material is separated. The fine particles that meet the particle size requirements are collected by the graded wheel blade gap. The thick particles are partially collided with the pellets. The speed is disappeared, and the tube wall drops to the secondary tone, and the strong Amoy of the second wind Wash, separation of the thick particles, and the fine particles rises to the secondary grade of the fractionation area, and the crude particles are dropped to the unloading port. This can be accurately classified out the 1000 mesh powder required by this customer.

  Shandong Erpai Technology Co., Ltd. airflow classifier equipment, after twenty years of continuous innovation and advancement, accurate control of the requirements of the powder particle size, and the particle size is precisely concentrated. The full enclosed operation in the powder classification process effectively controls the phenomenon of powder leakage, and the operation is simple, the quality is excellent, and is subsided by new and old customers. Welcome to inquire ...

  ALPA powder technology has always adhered to the development concept of "we use the heart, only the airflow crusher", adhering to the "quality first, service-oriented" concept, It has been based on technological innovation, and technology is developing as cornerstone. It is constantly improving efficiency and safety of gas flow pulverizer. It is committed to providing customers with safer, energy saving, and environmentally friendly.Machine products create more value to customers, create greater benefits for employees, and make greater responsibility for society.