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Which model of the positive electrode material airflow mill? All

  Airflow milling is large, high automation, fine product particle size, narrow particle size distribution, high purity, high activity, good dispersibility, etc., is widely used.The positive electrode material is a key raw material in the lithium battery, which determines whether the safety performance of the battery and whether the battery can be large. At the same time, since the lithium ion battery positive electrode material is high in battery cost, the cost is also directly determined by the low battery cost. It should be said that the development of lithium ion positive material has developed the development of lithium ion batteries. The polishing and processing of the positive electrode material generally uses the airflow pulverizer as an effective means, and the average particle size of the material after the gas flow is thin compared to the other pulverized equipment, the particle size distribution is narrow, the particle surface is smooth, the granular shape is standard, the purity is high, the activity is high, the purity is high. Good dispersibility, fully compliant with the preparation requirements of the electrode material, and thus widely used. However, there are many different types of airflow pulverizer on the market. Which model of airflow mill is more suitable for the processing of positive material? Let's introduce it to you by Xiaobian.

  The model used by the positive material gas flow pulverizer is usually the MQW series, one of the special equipment of Shandong El Pai Powder Technology Co., Ltd., which is highly machined, efficiency High, and has a plastic ability, excellent finished particle shape, can obtain a ball (potato) particles. There are currently more than 2500 sets of equipment and production lines all over the country to run in a normal all year round.

  MQW series positive material gas flow pulverizer has the following advantages:

  [high efficiency] The full use of spray energy is more than 30% of the traditional airflow pulverizer, and the grading machine uses our patented technology design. The particle size ultra-narrow distribution is concentrated.

  [Multi-purpose] One machine, can be used as a graded machine as a crusher. The pulverized particle size is wide and the finished particle size is adjusted anywhere in the range of 1 to 74um.

  [green environmental protection] low temperature, no medium smash, guarantees the purity and physical and chemical properties of the product. The equipment runs no dust pollution in a negative pressure state.

  [Wear Small] "Airflow Crusher + High Precision Turbine Grading Machine" can be highly pure, ultra-narrow processing ultrafine powder, avoiding the wear of "on the spray + horizontal grading machine", and "flow The wear of the bed + horizontal grading machine "is particularly suitable for high hardness, high purity materials.Smash.

  When the production of large production, the product is smoked, the finished product is more than one-fold more than the traditional, and the ordinary airflow pulverizer is more than 1 times.

  From the above, the MQW positive electrode material airflow pulverizer is high, more suitable for the processing of the positive electrode material, Shandong Erpiese is specializing in the production of various types of gas flow crusher, airflow classifier, mechanical pulverizer and other equipment, and Deep Treatment of Cell Materials for many years, and has a rich experience and mature solution for various positive and negative material powder, and the company also provides free experiments and tests to provide ZUI security for users. Level excellence, win! In order to ensure the "zero-defect, continuous improvement" quality improvement and effective development, Shandong ALPA Powder Technology Co., Ltd. Quality Management Committee actively explores the management of new models, receiving the study of 8D working methods in recent hours, and combines enterprises Operation status, initially formed organic combination, comprehensive quality control system and successful practice, effectively improved the company's quality risk prevention and control ability, in order to promote the high-quality development of enterprises to build a solid foundation.