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At the beginning of summer inflammation, the Shandong El Pie FL-400 gas flow grading

  Airflow grinding can also reduce solid oxidants, explosives, and catalysts, and the combustion rate made of propellants can increase by 1 to 10 times higher than that of ordinary propellants, and improve the hit accuracy and power of the rocket engine. It is extremely important to realize the modernization of defense.

  Summer is hot, the weather in August is hot, and the employees of Shandong Erpai often work in this hot summer, the delivery task is heavy, so that Erse does not dare to stop. Especially in the link of the ship, the next day should also carefully load the customer's equipment to avoid unnecessary collisions during the transportation process. In order to deliver the equipment smoothly, whether it is sunny or rainy days, The Erman's employees have never stopped.

  Yesterday, a gas flow grading machine equipment was successfully completed under the cooperation of Erman employees. This customer is a customer in Huizhou, Guangdong. This customer is also back to the guest. The previous order of our company is good. This company has a new procurement task. The first time I thought of our Shandong Erfa, so successfully The cooperation again.

  In the production order of Shandong Erp, a large part of the equipment that old customers re-order, this is also the result of Shandong Erpai consistent with quality. Quality is a brand name of a company, and Shandong Erpa will always adhere to this principle in the future.

  The model of the airflow grade model ordered is FW-300, which is mainly used to make iron silicone grading. The change device can freely regulate the powder of 1-74 microns, with the amount of up to 1000 kg / h, and of course, the amount of processing can also be customized according to the customer's production requirements.

  Shandong El Pie's airflow classifier is a dry airflow classifier, which is a centrifugal grading machine with flow field regulation device and high-speed turbine rotor. It has a wide range of grading, high grading efficiency. The cutting particle size is accurate and stable. Recognized by new and old customers.

  ALPA Powder Technology has always adhered to the initial heart, helping all walks of life to increase the intensity of ecological environment, accelerating the pace of industrial adjustment and upgrading, driving the air quality continuous improvement, and strive to achieve high quality. In the future, ALPA powder technology will adhere to the "high-start design, high quality development"To make a positive contribution to the construction of social and economic development and ecological civilization. With a high sense of responsibility and mission, a solid foundation for the social environment and the health and sustainable development of enterprises, providing a solid guarantee for further economic benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits.