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Specially used for Chinese herbal pulverized airflow pulverizer more needs attention

  Tanks and armored car composite panels have high requirements for hardness and impact resistance. This composite plate is less than 30% to 50% by the ordinary tank steel plate, and the impact strength is 1 ~ 3 times, it is one Ultimate new composite. Ultra-fine ceramic powder can meet this requirement, and the preparation of ultrafine ceramic powders is accomplished by airflow mill.

  The cyclone separator, dust collector, and the introducer in the Chinese herbal airflow pulverizer form a complete set of crushing systems. After the filtration is dried, the compressed air is sprayed into the pulverizing chamber through the nozzle, and the collision, friction, and pulverize it in the intersection of the multi-high pressure airflow. The pulverized material is moved to the grading region under the action of the fan pump force, and the thickness and fine material are separated under the intensive effort of the high-speed rotation grade turbine. The fine particles that satisfy the particle size required by the grading wheel are collected into the cyclone separator and the dust collector, and the crude particles are reduced to the crushing area and will continue to be pulverized.

  The work of the airflow pulverizer has received many factors, making it a special airflow pulverizer that specializes in crushing herbs, and needs to pay attention to more matters. Let's take a look at it.

  The amount of airflow pulverizer is different from the same material due to the different processing capability of crushing fineness. In general, processing power is proportional to the particle size of the product. However, if the amount of processing is too small, the possibility of collision between the particles is small, but the fineness is affected.

  From the material performance, the airflow pulverizer can adapt to the pulverization of all brittle materials, but due to the different properties of the material, the pulverization performance is also different, due to the strength, density, hardness, viscosity, shape and electricity of different materials. Different performances, it will inevitably lead to differences in pulverization, where the strength of the material is an important factor. In addition, since the moisture content of certain materials is too high or the moisture and oil content of the gas source, the toughness and viscosity of the crushing material also changes, thereby affecting the grinding fineness.

  The effect of the back pressure, that is, the average pressure of the gas stream is pulverized. Since the injection speed of the pulverized nozzle is mainly depending on the pressure difference between the inlet pressure and the air outlet pressure, the larger the pressure difference, the higher the flow rate, so the increase of back pressure is not broken. In production, due to the increase in the resistance of the capture system, the back pressure of the pulverizer will increase, thereby affecting the effect of the powder. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check the resistance of the capture system.

  The pulverized material of the herbal gas flow pulverizer is particularly important to pay special attention to the maintenance of the gas flow pulverizer, and clean maintenance.

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