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What is the ideal equipment in the field of processing, how is the ultrafine gas flow crusher?

  The airflow milling work is that compressed air is frozen, filtered, dried, and several nozzle spraying through two-dimensional or three-dimensional arrangement forms an ultrasonic speed gas flow into the pulverizing chamber, and the gas flow impact can make the material are fluidized. , The accelerated material is combined in several nozzles, which produces severe collision, friction, and shear, and ultrafine pulverization of the particles.

  Ultrafine gas flow pulverizer is suitable for all kinds of Chinese and Western medicine, pearl, western medicine, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, tea, minerals, food, coal, experimental raw materials, the ultrafine pulverization, can be used as pharmaceutical research, cosmetics, Department of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, etc.Ultrafine gas flow pulverizer

  is composed of a host, a feeder, a homage, a blower, a pipeline device, a storage hopper, an electron control system, a collection system, and the like.

  In order to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, ensure qualified product particle size, superfine gas flow pulverizer equipment and airflow grading machine combined with a closed circuit process can be implemented. Therefore, it is the key to the development of high-precision ultra-fine airflow graded machine equipment and other supporting equipment that match the airflow pulverizer. Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. has more research and innovation from the perspective of the entire process system. On the basis of existing airflow milling equipment, ultrafine pulverized equipment is continuously improved and supported and perfecting the airflow grading. Other auxiliary process equipment such as machine, product delivery equipment. After the actual case in many fields, the ultrafine gas flow pulverizer is an ideal equipment in the field of processing, but there are some shortcomings in the ultrafine airflow pulverizer: the equipment manufacturing cost is high, the energy consumption, and the cost of processing. Larger, so it is more suitable for rare, valuable, high value-added materials, and the development of the future ultra-fine gas flow pulverizer will develop in the direction of low energy and large production.

  Sincere cooperation, work together, Shandong ALPA powder technology and a number of well-known enterprises have not only provided a power for China's economic expansion, but also for the performance of Shandong ALPA powder technology. A bright. In the future, Shandong AlPa Powder Technology will continue to play its own advantages in the manufacturing field of industrial powder equipment, provide high quality powder equipment, laying a solid development of the cornerstone for more companies.