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It is pronounced, the pulverization of the airflow pulverizer is significantly better than mechanica

Airflow grinding can also reduce solid oxidants, explosives, and catalysts, and the combustion rate made of propellants can increase by 1 to 10 times higher than that of ordinary propellants, and improve the hit accuracy and power of the rocket engine. It is extremely important to realize the modernization of defense.

The equipment commonly used in the fine pulverization process in the lithium electrode material has a gas flow pulverizer, mechanical grinding, which is different in terms of pulverization principles, pulverization effects. According to the material characteristics, the appropriate comminution equipment is selected, and the optimal process parameters are set to meet the needs of product indicators, quality, energy consumption.

The airflow pulverizer

is different from the principle of mechanical grinding, which determines its scope, production, energy consumption. Fundamentally, the airflow pulverizer uses supersonic airflow to collide between the material, realize particle crushing; mechanical grinding uses the grinding discharge tray to impact the mill and the inner wall of the grinding chamber, and realize the particles.

Comprehensive comparison of performance differences, mechanical grinding is more suitable for pulverizing soft bond particles (such as polycrystalline), for some hard bonded single crystal small particles, even with grinding discs When the line speed is adjusted to the upper limit, it cannot be smashed.

Airflow pulverizer

can be smashed with soft binder particles, or pulverized hard bond particles (such as single crystal), but there is an disadvantage in energy consumption and cost. For some polymorphic materials, the particles may cause the particles to rupture due to the relatively loose particles. The single crystal termination material is made of gas flow pulverizer and mechanical grinding, and the pulverization of the gas generating mill is obviously better than mechanical grinding, and the hard bond between the particles is opened.

In the domestic, Shandong Erpa
Airflow pulverizer

and mechanical grinding have good reputation at home and abroad, providing tens of thousands of equipment at home and abroad, and has been praised.

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