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Does the density size of the mine powder affect the grading effect of airflow classifier?

Shandong AlPa Powder Technology has laminated two years, successfully completed the special ceramic vertical grading wheel of lithium-electric positive electrode materials with a diameter of 600. Can be used with airflow classifiers. Compare the "ceramic horizontal grading wheel", successfully solved a series of problems such as adhesion, not fine, and unsteady. Shandong ALPA-developed lithium-eM positive material special ceramic vertical grading wheel can strictly control the iron content during operation, the grading is accurate, and the finished product is freely adjusted.

Airflow classifier is an important part of the mineral preparation powder, which has a lifting weight in the screening class of mineral powder, so does the density size of the mine powder affect the grading effect?

Under the same density and other conditions, the smaller the density of the material, the larger the viscosity of the pulp, the thicker the particle size of the overflow product. On the contrary, the higher the material density, the smaller the slurry viscosity, the finer the overflow particle size, the higher the fine particles in the return. Therefore, when the separator density is high, the concentration of

airflow class

should be appropriately increased, and when the density of the separator is small, the concentration of the classifier should be appropriately reduced. Since the settlement speed of the flat mine particles is slower than the settlement of the circular or near circular ore particles, a lower mineral concentration should be used in the classifier, otherwise the emission speed of the overflow product should be accelerated.

The slope angle not only determines the settling area of ​​the flat, but also affects the agitation of the new blade on the pulp, affecting the quality of overflow products. Small tissue hiring, the separator sedimentation area is large, the overflow particles are small, the fine particles in the back sand increase; in turn, the groove angle increases, the sedimentation area is reduced, the coarse grain is thick, and the sand is small. Of course, after the layout machine device, the inclination is constant, which can only be used for fixed inclination.

By adjusting the height of the overflow coin, the settling area of ​​the overflow coin can be changed. When the overflow shofun is large, the settling area of ​​the ore particles can be increased, and the fractional area is increased, thereby enabling the new overflow The degree of agitation on the surface of the slurry is relatively weak, so that the granular particles of the overflow particles are thinned. When the granularity of the overflow is more compared, the height of the overflow invasion should be reduced.

When the slurry concentration is on time, if the amount of mine is increased, the rising speed and level speed of the slurry will increase, thereby enabling the overflow particle size. On the contrary, when the ore content is lowered, the finer the overflow particle size, the more the fine particles in the returnBig, therefore,
The amount of minerals of the airflow class
should be appropriate, and it must remain uniform and stable, in order to make the milling process are normal and achieve better grading effect.

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