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The design and manufacture of the grading wheel in the airflow classifier is the core worker.

Innovative food development, such as nano-selenium and zinc food, functional health food, entertainment and leisure food, life-saving and military food, nano-bio-conserved agent, etc. have an independent, novelty and other innovative food research and development, Ultrafine pulverization and nanotechnology in the air flow.

In the field of ultrafine powder, the use of airflow classifier is an important means of obtaining narrow distribution and ultrafine particles, and the design and manufacture of grading wheels in the airflow classifier are the core process. Germany AlPai Airflow Grade Enchant Enjoy a good reputation internationally, and is the equipment specified by powder manufacturing enterprises with strict requirements for particle size distribution. There are usually two types of wheels: metal and ceramics, for some magnetic pollution-sensitive materials, the ceramic grading wheel must be used, and the current market is commonly used in the market is zirconia ceramic grading wheel.

Another silicon nitride ceramic has excellent mechanical processing properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, high adhesion, low density, low friction coefficient and self Lubricity. The grading wheel can be widely used in powder refinement and grading industries. At present, the maximum diameter of φ180 mm is currently reached, the highest operating speed is 12,000 rpm, and the normal service life is more than 1 year. It has been successfully applied to downstream users. Good application effect is good. .

This hierarchical wheel maximum use is to prevent metal pollution, in addition, its specific gravity is 40% lower than zirconia ceramics, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of the motor, but also a large lower motor energy consumption. Under existing motors, overcons can be achieved to obtain finer particles. The cost of using this graded wheel is currently near zirconia ceramics, which is undoubtedly a significant impact on the classification of the zirconium zirconium zirconium.

ALPA Powder Technology With an open gesture, the new trend of current artificial intelligence development, the new opportunities of gestation, realizing the industrial powder equipment manufacturing industry and artificial intelligence, the deep integration of the Internet of Things, Further promoting the overall jump of the industrial powder equipment manufacturing industry.