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Which ultra-fine pulverizer is better?

  Lithium electrode material special airflow pulverized grading equipment, Shandong AlPa mainly consists of three major products, more than ten series. Depending on the battery powder, the negative electrode material is different, the production capacity requirements are different from the application, and special equipment for manufacturing production is customized. The product has: high yield, uniform particle size distribution, good particle size. It can be widely used in battery powder positive material micron-level experiments and production.

  iron phosphate, also known as high-speed rail, n-phosphate, molecular formula FEPO4, is a white, gray-white single-crocked crystal powder. It is a salt of iron salt solution and sodium phosphate, of which iron is a rivotal. Its main use is to make lithium iron phosphate batteries, catalysts, and ceramics. In the processing of iron phosphate, the pulverization class is a more important procedures. Many users consult from the Shandong Erp, which ultrafine pulverizer is used? Here is the Erpai Xiaobian to introduce it.

  First, ultrafine pulverizing machine grading mechanical ultra-fine pulverizer and airflow ultrafine pulverizer, how to choose, should first consider the user's own needs, that is, the demand for pulverization, For example, it is required to be smashed to 15-25 microns, and the production requirement is large, and the mechanical ultrafine pulverizer can be considered, and the air flow ultrafine pulverizer can be used if it is required to be smashed to 5-15 microns.

  The mechanical pulverizer is different from the working principle of the airflow ultrafine pulverizer. The mechanical pulverizer is a fierce impact on the material with a fierce impact on the material with a rotating body (rod, hammer, plate, etc.) that rotates at a horizontal or vertical axis, so that the impact collision between the fixture collision or the particles, thereby making the material smash one Ultrafine pulverized equipment. Iry is also known as impact grinding. The airflow ultrafine pulverizer is to compress air after filter drying, through the Raval nozzle high-speed injection into the pulverizing cavity, and the material is repeatedly collided with the intersection of the multi-shaped high-pressure airflow. The difference in work is different, and the crushing effect is different. In general, the processing fineness of the gas current pulverizer is more refined.

  The mechanical ultrafine pulverizer and airflow ultrafine pulverizer used in the iron phosphate are one of the special equipment of Shandong Erp. So far, more than 2,000 ultra-microfin mills have stabilized all year round. run. Shandong Erfi in the battery positive material industry, deep cultivation for many years, has rich experience and very mature response programs for the crushing of positive material materials, and the company also provides freeExperimental and detection provide ZUI security for the majority of users.

  For the next overseas expansion, the General Manager of AlPa Powder Science and Technology said that AlPa Powder Technology is very clear and full of confidence. In the future, AlPa Powder Technology adheres to innovation, quality, service, and constructs "global sales" system to form a global competitive manufacturing enterprise.