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Airflow pulverizer application range

Today, let us talk about the application range of the air current crusher.

The pulverization mechanism mainly applied to the jet crusher determines its extensive application range and finished product. After the airflow pulverizer is filtered, the pulverizing cavity is sprayed through the Raval nozzle, and the material is repeatedly collided, friction, shear and pulverized, and pulverized material in the intersection of the multi-shaped high-pressure airflow. Next, the rising airflow is moved to the hierarchical region, and the crude material is separated under the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation, the fine particles that meet the particle size requirements are collected by the grading wheel into the cyclone and the dust collector, and the crude particles drops to the pulverization. The district continues to smash. The ultrafine pulverizer is composed of silo, mechanical pulverizer, air blower, cyclone, vibrating screen, liquid nitrogen tank, etc., the deep-cooling pulverizer system is refined by liquid nitrogen as a cold source, and it is crushing at low temperatures by cooling. After the crushing state, enter the mechanical pulverizing cavity through the impeller high speed rotation, the material and the blade, the tooth disc, the material and the material are enrolled under the integrated effect of collision, shear, friction, etc., to achieve a crushing effect. Ultrafine pulverizer is low, and all of the lifescas is used in high quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad. It has long service life. A small amount of easy wear parts are made of special hard resistance, small size, light weight, easy to replace the accessories. Typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc. High purity requirements: ceramic pigment, medicine, biochemistry, etc., low temperature requirements: medicine, PVC. The machine can be used as an inert gas protection device by turning the ordinary air of the air source to an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas, which is suitable for flammable, explosive, easy oxidation of crushing and grading treatment. Material.

There are several types of airflow pulverizer: flat airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed airflow pulverizer, circulatory airflow pulverizer, injection airflow pulverizer and target airflow pulverizer.

Main performance characteristics of the airflow residentic device:

1, including vertical hierarchical devices, the product particle size can be adjusted between D97: 8-150 microns, good particle shape, narrow particle size distribution. It can be used in series with a multi-level classifier, producing a product of multiple dimensional segments at a time.

2. The equipment is easy to disassemble, assembled, and cleaned, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles. The entire system is closed, less dust, low noise, clean production process, environmental protection.

3. The control system uses program control and easy to operate.

Welcome to the application of the above-mentioned radiometerscope.

Airflow pulverizer application range