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Adjustment method of speed difference in ultra-fine pulverization machine

  Method for adjusting the speed difference in ultra-fine pulverizer in Chinese medicine

Adjustment method of speed difference in ultra-fine pulverization machine

  After the ultra-microfinning machine has been used for a long time, it will generate an inner speed difference. If it is not adjusted, it will affect the ultra-micro Crusher's crushing effect. Next, let's take a look at the adjustment method of the speed difference in the ultrafine pulverizer of the Chinese medicine.

  1, appropriate adjustment of the hammer sieve split: Different frictional strength with the surface of the screen with the surface of the mesh Features, by adjusting the hammer screen clearance, increasing the hammer speed of the hammer and material, thereby increasing efficiency. However, in the pulble production process, the sieve is different, the raw materials are different, and the hammer screen is required to be adjusted; During the pulverizer, the pulverizer has started working and working for a period of time, and the particle composition of the pulverizer also changes; in the pulverizer component, the hammer is easily worn, and the hammer is worn after wear, the hammer sieve gap increases, yield It will drop, it is difficult to last. Of course, for a certain kind of crusher output test work, a suitable hammer screen clearance and sucking of the right hammer, and the sucking of the sieve and hammer are not considered. Under the case of Lifetime, it can be used in a short period of time, but in the feed comminution production, this various specific measurement data and pulverizer that occurred in the operating experience of the operator. The technical content of itself is two things. People with rich operation experience and their labor also require high use cost. After the hammer is worn, the hammer sieve gap increases, the friction is reduced, the pulverization efficiency is lowered.

  2, reasonable use On the reverse buncture: Place the side of the screen hair in the side, can increase the friction, but in a short, the measuring spurs, the efficiency is not yet. The lasting time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  3, increase suction Wind: In the pulverizer system, the body is applied, and the material attached to the surface of the sieve is tightened, so that the material increases the frictional force of the sieve surface, and the hammering speed of the hammer and the material can be increased, but the suction wind will also increase the hammer. The wear and efficiency of the sieve is not last. At the same time, the power consumption of the suction also increases.

  4. Place the pickboard in the pulverizer: the role of the barrier ring, but the role is limited, one is the tooth of the chipping to the hammer The front end, the friction surface is small, the hammer wear (a basic type of component failure) also has a durable problem; the second is the corner angle of the plate crowd, the seesaw area is too large, and the sieve area is too small. Will decrease .

  5, use fish scale screening technology:There are many small protrusions on the surface of the fish scale, which enhances the role of friction, and the fish scale can increase the sieve area, which is more important than the pickup, but the smaller bonus of the fish scale is easily worn, the price is more expensive, the promotion is very difficult, After the increased production and the cost of the screen, the benefits are not obvious.

  6, using thin hammer technology: the shape of the thin hammer shape is narrow (4 mm), the principle is not easy to stir, the material is not easy to generate the material hex hammer Trend of the same speed (TREND). The gas generating pulverizer material enters the cylindrical pulverizing chamber through the feed opening, and is crushed along the grinding rail, and the pulverization is achieved. The main applied mechanism of ultrafine pulverizer determines its application range, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc., high purity requirements: ceramic color, medicine , Biochemical, low temperature requirements: medicine, PVC.

  The small Soviet research mill can be used to become an inert gas protection apparatus for an inert gas protection device such as a nitrogen gas such as nitrogen, a carbon dioxide gas. Under the case, after the crushing of the same model structure, the production of a thin hammer can be increased on the original basis, and the thin hammer technology is more effective, and it is very concealed. The sales of various crusher products, especially when the pulverizer is measured in the measurement, it produces a short-term state of the Produces manufacturer, and it is easy to sell products from other non-effective techniques. But thin The hammer is short-lived, generally used for about 10 days to replace it, removes low production in the last few days, removes the money, time and labor costs of the changing hammer, and the benefits are limited.