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Preparation of graphite with airflow pulverizer, better, better

  In addition, most of the fruit and vegetable skin, the nucleus contains specific nutrients, which can be directly transformed into food raw materials by airflow abrasion processing. Such as nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, biological flavonoids, such as citrus skin nucleus, have high medicinal value.

  Graphite is a non-metallic material having good conductivity, high temperature resistance, oxidation, and corrosion resistance. Graphite is soft. There is a delicate feeling, widely used in refractory materials, conductive materials, wear-resistant materials, lubricants, high-temperature sealing materials, corrosion resistance materials, heat insulating materials, adsorption materials, friction materials, and radiation protection materials, these materials are widely used. Industry in metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery industry, electronics industry, nuclear industry and defense.

  The graphite powder is crushed by graphite crystals. In the current industrial demand, it often requires fine powder, graphite powder, smaller particle size and more concentrated, and the ultrafine pulverization of graphite is selected airflow pulverizerIt is appropriate to be appropriate.

  The method of pulverizing the graphite using airflow pulverizer is dry, and the graphite powder is subjected to shearing force, impact force and friction in the high speed pulverizer. Crushing, the gas flow pulverizer can obtain a fine particle size graphite fine powder through the airflow, graphite powder granularity reaches the finest 2 to 3 microns, and the graphite powder is uniform, the graphite powder is less, the graphite powder is purified. According to the market, the smaller graphite powder of airflow pulverizer, the better the graphite powder, the wider the use of graphite powder. The ultra-fine pulverization of the graphite powder opened the development path of ultra-fine graphite powder, graphite fine powder, making the particle size more detailed graphite powder applications more, wider.

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