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Advantages of Shandong Erfai Airflow Crusher

  The problem of ordinary ultra-micro gas flow is: high manufacturing cost, large investment, high energy consumption, too much powder processing, so that it is also subject to certain fields; difficult to make submicron Level products, product particle size is best in 10 um, and the output is sharply decreased at 10 um, and the cost is rapidly rising; the single-machine handling capacity of gas flow is smaller (both less than 1 ton hour, can not adapt to large-scale production needs; The wear problem of equipment processing and material is still plaguing equipment manufacturers and factory users.

  Many airflow pulverizer manufacturers, users don't know how to choose when choosing airflow crushers, in fact, Each manufacturer's products have certain advantages, but comprehensive observations, or Shandong Erfa powder metallurgical equipment production of gas flow crusher performance is relatively high. Shandong Erpa is a rich experience in R & D, production and manufacturing. There is a large number of successful cases available for reference, equipment quality and after-sales service in the domestic line. Shandong Erpai suggests that you don't want to buy a gas current shredder with your heart, so as not to miss the opportunity. Below you will introduce you to Shandong Erfai Airflow The advantage of the pulverizer.

  1. First, according to the user needs to provide preliminary test and device selection, responsible for the system's process design, providing equipment arrangement and plant design consultation.2. Free inspection and commissioning and personnel training.

  3. Provide lifetime free maintenance consulting and technical upgrade services for the device, and have long-term vulnerable parts in cost prices.

  4. Regular return, and within the warranty Solve equipment issues by telephone. If we can't solve the problem, our company's technical staff will arrive at the equipment within 48 hours.

  5. In the "three guarantees" period, after the quality assurance period, such as maintenance, Maintenance and other technical services, promise to charge the equipment for lifetime maintenance by the cost price.

  Shandong Er Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale fluidized bed vignette of more than 20 years of history, has been insisting in innovation for many years. The development strategy is actively committed to improving product and service quality, brand value and brand image. With high quality products and good reputation for our customers, we have won the unanimousness and trust of our customers. In the future, Shandong Giants will continue to develop powder equipment. WoSoil, leading the progress of the industry, welcomes domestic and foreign customers to cooperate and trade negotiations at home and abroad with the most sincere heart.

  Shandong ALPA Powder Technology has always firmly convinced that the basis of the global brand is the improvement of product and service quality, and behind the quality of the quality is a fear of market. Under the line, from a single channel to multi-dimensional propagation, from China to overseas, Shandong AlPa powder technology has always been combined with dealers, the user's demand is centered, and the quality improvement is based on the construction of globalization. The powder equipment brand is a vision, continuously striding forward, and has achieved a new breakthrough, and a strong "Chinese voice" in the industrial powder equipment field.