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How to buy airflow pulverizer suitable for yourself

  The full protective ceramic liner airflow pulverization charter has the following performance advantages: dry pulverization of various materials suitable for the Moh's hardness 9 or less, is particularly suitable for high hardness, high purity, and high value-added materials. The breakthrough of particle acceleration technology has greatly improved pulverization efficiency, reduced energy consumption, small pulverization, good particle shape, and no large particle size and no large particles, and the product particle size D97 = 3-74 microns were arbitrarily adjusted. During the pulverization, due to the sharp expansion of the airflow, the airflow temperature is lowered, especially suitable for the heat sensitive, low melting point and the volatile material. The material collides with each other, which is different from mechanical pulverization relies on the impact of the material or a hammer, and plus all-round ceramic liner, so the equipment is small, and the product is purity. It can be used in series with multi-stage airflow classifiers, and products producing multiple particle size sections at a time. The ceramic liner is pulverized, the equipment is compact, the disassembly and cleaning is convenient, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles. The entire system is fully negatively pressed, no dust, low noise, clean environmental protection.

  Before purchasing the airflow crusher, it is recommended that you have a full understanding of it, don't blind choices, and find the problem over the use process. Xiaobian found in many inquiries of customers who purchased their products before, using the process of use, so they came to consult the airflow crusher, and they want to change the original problems. So here, I suggest that you want to provide some negligible help for companies who have ideas to purchase crusher equipment!

  First, we need to understand what isAirflow Crusher equipment? Of course, several of the Baidu, 360, etc. we often use a few search engines, is it to be introduced to the pulverizer. It is indeed: the gas current pulverizer is a mechanical for the large size solid feedstock to the required size. The flat airflow pulverizer is simple, easy to manufacture due to the flattening chamber structure of the flat airflow pulverizer, so it is widely used. Structure: Mainly composed of a crushing chamber, a nozzle port, an air outlet, a gas flow outlet, a compressed air inlet, a grading area, and the like. Working principle: Transform the compressed air or overheating steam into a high-speed airflow through the nozzle, when the material is fed into the pulverizing chamber by the feeder, a strong impact and dramatic friction make the material into a super fine product. Through the introduction of the pulverizer, everyone should also know the use of crusher.So what kind of crusher should we choose?

  There are many kinds of airflow mill, and there are many manufacturers of domestic airflow crushers. Like some tough or fibrous materials and bulbs generally use pulverization of some of the brittle materials, which is generally an external force for the use of the impact of the solid; most of the properties of the material, ultrafine pulverization operations can be carried out on the solid. External force; further crushing operation after pulverizing operations This solids need to be ground, mainly for ultrafine pulverization or super large crushing equipment. The ceramic lining pipe is made of high-tech production process - self-provisional high temperature clutch synthesis method. The tube consists of three layers of corundum ceramics, transition layer, and steel from the inner to the outside, and the ceramic layer is formed in a high temperature of 2200 ° C or higher to form a strong bond through the transition layer with the steel pipe. In general, professional airflow mill manufacturers will provide customers with professional equipment programs, according to the characteristics of the customer, and the professional program developed by the customer's own requirements. So when choosing a gas flow crusher, you should also choose experienced manufacturers.

  The breakthrough of crusher, classifier, and granulation, coating, coating, and decoration of AlPa, breaking through foreign technical barriers, filling the domestic industry gap, greatly promoted medicine , Technical progress and industrial upgrading in the fields of food, chemical, minerals, new materials, solid waste treatment. He has won the honorary title of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund", "Shandong Province's first batch of gazelle enterprises", "Shandong invisible champion enterprise", "high-tech enterprise", "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise" and other honorary titles.