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The airflow pulverizer has matured, and it should be handled in case of blocking.

  Airflow milling for drugs, the drug particles after micronization mainly include: increase the specific surface area of ​​the powder powder, a more compact PSD (particle distribution size), more uniform size, better powder control characteristics ( Suspension, dispersion and absorption), more predictable powder properties, color consistency, gloss, opacity.

  There are many people who know the development of gas flow crushers, the development of airflow crusher technology is increasingly mature, and the application is increasingly wide, and the application of many industries has been received. In our production, if the airflow pulverizer has blocked, today, today, I will discuss how to solve the flow of jams in operation.

  In airflow pulverizer, if there is a blockage, it is because we feed too fast, the load is increased, causing clogging. During the feed process, attention should be paid to the deflection angle of the current table pointer. If the motor exceeding the rated current is overloaded for a long time, it may cause the motor to be burn down, in which case we will need to reduce the feed or close the import, or change the charging mode, which can effectively prevent clogging. Exhaust tube is blocked or blocked or too fast, so few grinding blocks will cause some exit grinding blocks; improper delivery equipment, the discharge pipe is blocked. After the failure is found, the export transportation equipment should be guaranteed, not changed, adjust the amount of feed, and the equipment is operating normally.

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  For the ALPA Powder Technology, the so-called innovation not only refers to the newness of powder equipment technology and products, but more precisely, innovation is a thinking, whether it is product innovation, or Enterprise system, marketing method innovation, has maintained sustainable development vitality for ALPA powder technology, and also the road to industrial powder equipment industry.