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How to use the domestic titanium white powder using the airflow classification machine

  Food deep processing industry field airflow grinding application: (1) fiber food diet, wheat bran, oatmeal, corn skin, corn germ, bean skin, rice bran, beet slag, sugar cane, etc. (2) calcium calcium food , Animal bone, shell, skin, etc., the micron powder obtained by ultrafine pulverization is organic calcium, which is easily absorbed and utilized by the inorganic calcium; (3) hyperfast powder such as chin, crab shell, shrimp shell, 蛆, 蛆, (4) Soft drink processing, using airflow microclastly technology, can be developed with powder tea, bean solid beverage, superfine bone powder is formulated with calcium beverage and instant green beans,

  Airflow The classification machineis a key device for controlling titanium powder particle size, and the performance of titanium white powder is stable, and the powder is delicate, and the purity is high. Compared with the foreign titanium dioxide giants, the concentration of the domestic titanium dioxide industry is low. As of the end of 2019, my country's titanium dioxide production capacity is about 40.4 million tons / year, of which 860000 tons of titanium white powder in Clark, accounting for 21.3%, ranking first, China nuclear titanium dioxide production capacity of 330 tons / year, accounting for 8.2%, Raising the second, CR4 is 40%. By 2020, the new production capacity of giant and white thunder will reach 101 million tons / year, and the white-year-old white post-treatment project will also be put into production. The total production capacity is expected to reach 40,000 tons / year, and the trend of industrial concentration is obviously.

  From the latest production capacity planning, dragon and white will gradually build 200,000 tons / annual chloride production capacity in Xinli and Shandong Panzhihua in Yunnan. Nuclear Titanium dioxide also plans to increase the production capacity of 400,000 tons / annual sulfate sulfide in Gansu, and the two leading companies have expanded production, which not only reflects the confidence of the development prospects of the titanium dioxide industry, but also further improves the concentration of domestic titanium dioxide industry, and their respective The scale effect and cost advantage of enterprises will have a major impact.

  So, in general, the development trend of titanium white powder in China is getting better.

  Airflow classifier technology is constantly increasing, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the development of the titanium white powder industry.

  The new era creates new needs. As economic growth is gradually changed from the intensive environmental protection, each industry is facing unlimited opportunities and challenges.. Among them, the ALPA powder technology, which is a typical representative of industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprises, with the new era - environmentally friendly powder equipment, to promote transformation and upgrading of all walks of life, highlighting their own business while achieving green development of partners value.