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Advantages of airflow pulverizer in medicinal crushing

  Ultrafine pulverized machinery is used in a crushing method, and the ultra-fine pulverized ultrafine pulverizer is developed. With the continuous development of ultrafine pulverization technology, a variety of ultrafine pulverized equipment dry pulverization is system Take the main method of ultrafine powder. Dry ultra-fine pulverization machines are generally divided into two categories: ultra-micro gas flow mill and mechanical ultrafine pulverizer.

  With the rapid development of the national economy, the fineness and purity of various powders including drug powders and their damage; ultrafine damage is critical to drugs. It can affect its efficacy and absorption in vivo; the current demand for micronized solid drugs is increasing year by year. At present, the airflow pulverizer is usually used to ultrafine pulverization of the drug.

  The micro-powder crystal is obtained by controlling the crystallization process, and the ultrafine particle crystals are obtained, and then filtered, scrub, dried, dried, and ultrafine damage is to crystallize large particles. The obtained crystal particles obtained by ultrafine damage. The defects of fine powder crystals are difficult to filter, scrub, dried, dried, and it is also easy to cause drain during the filter washing process, causing yield, low daily production, low purity, more impurity, drug adverse drug reactions Again, therefore is generally less used in production. The manufacturer is currently using more ultrafine damage processes.

  Airflow pulverizer After speeding up the compressed air or inert gas, the particles are made by high-speed elastic fluid (300 ~ 500 m / s) or overheating steam (300 ~ 400 ° C). Between, between gas and granules, the particles and the wall and other components have a fierce impact, shear, collision, friction and other effects, and at the same time, the effect of the airflow is rotated or combined with the classifier, so that A ultra-militable equipment is achieved by a crude particle grading.

  Airflow Crusher As a common preparation method of pharmaceutical powder, it is suitable for antibiotics, enzymes, low melting points, and other thermal drug destruction.

  Airflow pulverizer The advantages of medical applications are as follows:

  1. The particle size distribution range is narrow, and the average particle size is fine;

  2. Powder shape, product purity High; 3. Suitable for low melting points, thermal drugs;

  4. Good closure, no pollution;


  6. Crushing - mixed - dry online operation

  ALPA self-developed rice powder wet processing method won the national invention patent, the method subverts traditional dry pulverization and wet processing technology A large decrease in water, reduce rice nunction, and starch damage rate, so that the product maintains good taste and fragrance while reducing the environmental pollution.