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Airflow classifiers are already indispensable in pharmaceutical processes

  According to the physical properties of the ceramic color, the pulverization is used to achieve the best output ratio. According to our company and the ceramic powder, many companies, ceramic materials (clay, gangue, etc.) can use our special mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding (effective reducing production equipment) to achieve a crushing effect Ceramic raw materials (long stone, porcelain soil, alumina, etc.), ceramic color (chrome green, orange, iron red, etc.), fluidized bed gas flow blast (low pulverization temperature, oily and sugar are not at low temperatures A pulverization grading can be made to the adhesion apparatus. Ceramic raw materials (long stone, porcelain soil, alumina, etc.), ceramic color (glaze, melt block, etc.) can be used with airflow classifiers.

  The airflow classifier not only has a long service life, but it does not affect the purity of the product during the grinding process. Compared with the airflow pulverizer, the ultrafine mill is widely applied, and its price is only 1/8 of the same output and fine airflow pulverizer. Under the action of high pressure springs, the rolling pressure of the material will also increase. Of course, energy saving is also combined with environmental protection. At the same yield and fineness, the system energy consumption is only one-third of the wind, the dust removal is good. It is an ideal powder device.

  Airflow classifier is also a widely used equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Typical materials are: pollen, pearl powder, stomach medicine, nimori, antibiotics, contrast agents, Chinese medicine, etc. The air classifier is a set of hierarchical systems composed of feeders, cyclone separators, dust collectors, air blowers, and control systems.

  Specifically, under the action of negative pressure wind, the material is quantified to the grading area by the feeder, which will be thick, The detailed material is separated. The fine particles that satisfy the particle diameter requirements are entered into the cyclone separator or dust collector through the gap between the grading wheel blades. The fine particles of the crude particles entrainment disappeared after the hill hit the wall, fell along the gas cylinder wall to the secondary tone. The strong flushing effect of the secondary wind separates the thick particles. The fine particles rose to the grade of the graded area to the second grade, and the isolated crude particles are discharged through the unloading machine.

  Airflow classifier is suitable for fine grading of powder. It not only has the advantages of high grading efficiency, high grading precision, narrow particle size distribution, and can completely eliminate oversized particles in the productAnd sieve residues. Low speed and service life is also a major feature of the air classifier. The machine can be used in series with a ball mill, vibration grind, and Raymond mill, forming a closed cycle.

  ALPA independently developed rice powder wet processing method won national invention patents, the method subverts traditional dry pulverization and wet processing process, greatly reduces water volume, reduces rice noodle loss rate and starch injury To maintain a good taste and aroma while reducing the environmental pollution.