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What is important in medical ultrafine crushing?

  Shandong ALPA custom production gas flow is widely used in chemical, abrasive, ceramics, environmental protection, new materials, new energy, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, powder metallurgy, battery materials, etc., high purity and high hardness dry materials Ultrafine pulverized grading segmentation.

  In the pharmaceutical industry, there are many different particle sizes of raw materials. When these raw materials are processed in the next step, the different particle size and uneven density of the powder causes fluidity and easily layering. Ultrafine pulverization is the operation process of making a large piece of solid material into a suitable degree of fine powder. Under the integrated integration of various, the solid material produces stress, under this stress, the material is elastically deformed. When the stress exceeds a certain limit, the material produces plastic deformation. The crushing within the range of the elastic deformation is referred to as elastic crushing, and the crushing after plastic deformation is called a break. Generally, polar crystalline drugs are easily crushed, and most of them are elastically crushed. In contrast, non-polar crystal drugs are mostly crushing, it is difficult to crush.

  The airflow pulverizer can greatly reduce the particle size of the solid material, increase the surface area, and it is important to the pharmaceutical engineering:

  (1) Help Increase the contact surface of the solid and liquid dispersion medium, accelerate the dissolution speed of the drug, improve the utilization of the drug; (2) After the intra-particulate material is micronized, the large particulate material is broken into a fine powder state, which is convenient for several different solid materials. Mix, improve the dispersion uniformity of the primary drug in the particles, improve the dispersibility of the colorant or other excipients;

  (3) Improvement of the fluidity of the drug helps to improve the quality of the preparation, but also facilitate processing into various dosage forms, Easy to take medicine and take it. The crushing process is a physical process, and the object exhibits different hardness and performance due to cohesiveness. When pulverizing, the cohesion between the molecules must be destroyed by the external force to increase the surface area of ​​the drug, i.e., mechanical energy to conversion to a surface energy. The external force used during the pulverization process should be determined depending on the hardness and performance of the drug. Generally, the drug is small in external force. Conversely, the smaller the brittleness, the greater the drug and external force.

  Airflow Crusher is a mature ultrafine pulverized apparatus, different from other ultrafine pulverized equipment. The pulverization principle is to move with high-speed airflow to move, collide, collide, rubbed, and the material is pulverized into fine particles under shear of the airflow.The airflow pulverizer is widely used in the ultra-fine pulverization of powder drug, the pulverization process is continuous, large, and high automation; and the particle size distribution of the processing product is narrow and purity. The particles have good activity and dispersibility, especially suitable for drug comminution.

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