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Airflow crusher "noise" is too big, from these respects easy

  Super-micro gas flow grinding is a huge contribution to human crushing, many families and companies have helped, solve the problem of pulverizing daily, with the development of pulverizer, ultra-microcarrier development, make more companies Further get rid of hard work and can borrow machines to replace manual and make more efficient and better effect.

  The entire system of the airflow pulverizer is closed pulverized, dust is also very small, noise is very low, and it is also very clean and environmentally friendly during production. Therefore, the airflow pulverizer is a crushing equipment that meets environmentally friendly standards, which is highly appreciated by various powder processing users.

  The feed device of the airflow pulverizer is typically high pressure gas inhalation, screw feed and screw feed. It is the standard of vertical turbine classifier. Grinding and grading are completed simultaneously. The speed of the classifier is adjusted by frequency conversion to adjust the fineness of the product. If a processing process requires more than one granular stage, two or four classifiers can be added on a standard classifier to make the machine become a two to five comminution and hierarchics.

  In general, there are some sounds in the operation. When the airflow pulverizer is smashing the raw material, there will be broken sounds, which is normal. However, if the sound turns a noise, if the sound becomes too loud, it will become a problem. So how do I solve the phenomenon of excessive noise? Let's take a look at it.

  1. Add lubricating oil on the rotating part, and adjust the bearing if the bearing and the shaft will be adjusted; if the bearing wear is damaged, the bearing will be replaced.

  2. Noise will also occur during the pulverization process. The cooling sleeve is dispensed in the broken room, which can be used to reduce the temperature.

  3. Install the muffler on the fireplace of the pulverizer.

  4. Damping equipment, such as using damping boards.

  So, when we choose and purchase the airflow pulverizer, we should choose a good, in order to avoid unnecessary failures, regardless of whether the feeder is the double batch feeder or not, in the double batch feeder There are more optimization techniques. Not only is the double screw type feeder, but also a crushing effect of a crusher having a larger piezoelectric pressure than the press pressure and feed pressure, such as an air compressor. It is an 8 kg pressure, then the crusher can work at 8 kg pressure, but some crusher feed pressureThe force is greater than the pressure of the crusher, then this crusher is under pressure of 8 kg, first ensures that the feed pressure is 8 kg, the pressure of the crusher is less than 8 kg, otherwise the rebounding phenomenon will occur.

  It is best to have only one crusher in the entrance because APIs are more valuable. If there are two or three materials at the inlet, for example, there are two or three materials, and the grain size of these three materials will be different. It is impossible to mix these three materials evenly, which will cause great waste and trouble. For equipment above kg, it is recommended to use a larger grinding machine with a filter area. The production process is relatively continuous, not stopped, and it is not easy to block.

  The above is a phenomenon on how to solve the problem of excessive noise. Do you understand it? The airflow pulverizer is one of the main products of Shandong Erp, the product has high precision, high efficiency, stability as a technical advantage. It has a higher visibility in various industries. Shandong Yeli airflow crusher can provide free feed Experiments and testing, welcome new and old users to call to discuss cooperation. China's manufacturing industry has been eliminated or promoted, and AlPa Powder Technology as a professional powder equipment manufacturing company with more than 20 years of history, the chairman and management team deeply, through independent R & D, joint development, manufacturing intelligent manufacturing and green, and leading the traditional manufacturing industry while continuously transforming the intelligence and green development while continuously realizing its high quality development.