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What is the effect of the pulse of the airflow classifier

  Chemical, papermaking field gas flow application (1) ultrafine catalyst, can increase the petroleum decay speed by 1 to 5 times; (2) chemical fiber, textile, improve the smoothness (titanium oxide, silica); (3) ) Rubber, enhanced, highlighting, anti-aging (calcium carbonate, titanium oxide); (4) paint, coating, dye, high adhesion, high performance; (5) daily chemical, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc .;

  The airflow classifier is an important role in the current production, and the airflow classifier is mainly used in the dry level of the ultrafine powder, as its unique performance advantage has been loved in the industry. The airflow classifier can be processed to obtain a more precise particle size, overcome some obstacles in the powder application market. Further increases the use of powder materials!

  The airflow classifier is the same as other mechanical equipment, which is composed of various parts. One component in the airflow classifier is a pulse dust collector, and we focus on today. The effect of the pulse dust collector is a device that separates dust from gas, and has a wide range of applications in today's environmental protection. The airflow classifier uses a pulse dust collector, the purpose is to separate the dust raw materials and air, the raw materials are collected, and the purified air is excluded, resulting in the effect of anti-raw material loss and dust pollution.

  During daily use, we not only need to perform daily maintenance toairflow classifier, and the pulse dust collector is equally important. Here is to introduce some of the maintenance methods of some pulse dust collectors:

  (1) Manager should be familiar with the principle, performance, use conditions of the dust collector, and master the adjustment of the operating parameters and the equipment maintenance method. (2) Regularly lubricating the lubrication site on the equipment.

  (3) CENX often checks whether the dust collector pulse clear gray system is normally blown. If it is not normal, it focuses on the pulse valve diaphragm. The solenoid valve has no failure or damage, and should be repaired or replaced in time.

  (4) Pulse dust collector pulse valve If a fault occurs, it should be excluded in time, such as foreign matter such as impurities, moisture, should be cleaned in time, and the diaphragm damage should be replaced in time.

  (5) The filter bag is a loss piece, and the user should check the working conditions of the filter bag and consider timely replacement according to the degree of damage to the filter bag.

  (6) Pulse dust collector regular inspectionCheck the gas path system, the working situation of the ash system, and found abnormal removal.

  (7) Volumeizing the water based on water separators in the compressed air system.

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