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Airflow pulverizer meets particle size, purity and particle size of powder products

  Agricultural products are organic compounds, which are life-life organisms, but not only require crushing should reach the specified physics, chemical and microbiological indicators, but should also consider their biological characteristics such as toughness, elasticity, viscoelasticity and pulverizing strength. Easy (such as water content, growth period, etc.) and features that are easy to rot. The ultrafine pulverization technology of gas flow mills will have a large market prospect, economic benefits and social benefits in agricultural products.

  Through the introduction of intelligent control technology, the airflow pulverizer can reduce manual operation, better avoid pollution caused by the operator. In the industry, "people" are larger pollution sources in the process of pharmaceutical production. Reducing manual operations can better achieve non-pollution of crushing materials and environments, thereby meeting the need for medical non-pollution process.

  In addition to ensuring no pollution-free demand, the use of intelligent automation will also further increase the efficiency of pharmaceutical comminution production and ensure pulverization. Our airflow pulverizer has adopted advanced automation, and after the intelligent control system, we can implement the control pulverization process, and ensure that the particle size distribution is narrow, and uniform. The airflow pulverizer can produce powder particles from 1 to 10 μm from the reference.

  Today, with the continuous improvement of technology and the continuous struggle of airflow mill enterprises, my country's gas flow crusher equipment has been improved, and the crushing performance has been continuously improved. The use of intelligent automation has enabled my country's gas flow crusher technology to a new step, that is, in terms of improving the quality of the crush, it has achieved a large leap in terms of improving the quality or improving the crushing efficiency.

  Industry people said that in the golden age of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies need to actively actively and improve drug quality. The pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry also needs active as a pharmaceutical industry, and continuously improves equipment quality and performance, providing a strong backing for pharmaceutical companies. Today, my country's airflow crusher industry is constantly breaking through technology bottlenecks, better meets higher requirements for the particle size, purity and particle size distribution of powder products in the pharmaceutical industry, increasingly building "healthy China" to add bricks.

  The airflow pulverizer is a strong helper for the pharmaceutical pulverization process. With the continuous improvement of airflow pulverizer technology, it will play an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical pulverization process. Long-term perspective, airflow is pulverizedMachine companies should continue to make product update replacements for a long time. The airflow pulverizer combines with intelligent automation technology is a new trend.

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