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The reasonable development and utilization of crusher, put waste wood

The reasonable development and utilization of crusher, put waste wood

  The reasonable development and utilization of the crusher uses the scrap wood to make the waste wood, and the waste wood is made. Xiao Su Type Grinder is pulverized by the negative pressure air flow caused by the fan, and enter the material collection system. After filtering, the air is discharged, the material, the dust is collected, and the pulverization is completed.

  The main applied mechanism of ultrafine pulverizer determines its application range, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc., high purity requirements: ceramic color, medicine , Biochemical, low temperature requirements: medicine, PVC. The ultrafine pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverization of dry materials using air separation, heavy polishing, and shear. It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. According to statistics, there are a large number of waste materials such as waste woods and landsmers produced by the construction engineering waste wood and gardens every year.

  At present, the crusher equipment has not yet received a wide range of popularizes (referring to all over, all over the general), and there will be a lot of waste wood resources being wasted. my country's resource demand has increased, but existing resources are in short supply. Although the large-scale artificial planting forest is also increasing, the growth cycle of trees themselves is relatively long, people's demand for resources is increasing in Japanese drama, facing this tricky problem (EMERSON), watching those waste can't be reasonable The development and utilization is unfortunately. The crusher is actually born for waste.

  With a crusher, those who seem useless useless waste materials become the resources that can be used, and the waste is pulverized into a sawdust or wood shaped, which can be sent to the artificial board factory. Make a variety of artificial sheets, or it can be sent to the paper mill to make various paper or cartons, and can also be used as a cultivation of edible bacteria, and the use is very wide. The pulverizer increases the recycling rate of waste wood, and people should turn more attention to the source of energy, so that the contradiction between Natural Resources is inadequately reducing the contradiction between Natural Resources (opposition of the property). The development of the crusher is successful, and the waste is reasonably utilized, and it has been varied.

  The pulverizer is not only beneficial to save natural forestry resources, energy-saving environmental protection, and can make a profitable space for investment (significance: is the accumulation of future income). The waste wood around us can be seen everywhere.For the waste of waste materials in people, the waste is carried out every day. In the face of a large amount of resources, the pulverizer is a good project worth excavating (xiàng mù). The crusher moves into the waste tabs in the use value of the use, and the status quo of the shortage of resources is reduced, and it provides people with a getting way. The reasonable development of the crusher uses waste, and the waste wood is made.