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Crusher not only improves environmental balance resources, but also bring gains to people

  The crusher not only improves the environmental balance resource and gives people the income (shōu yì) 201 crusher to keep up with social development, making the waste, accounting for a place in the market. Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems. After the compressed air is dried, it is sprayed into the pulverizing chamber by the Lavar nozzle, and the material is repeatedly collided with the intersection of the multi-high pressure airflow. The crushing material is pulverized after the fan pulling force Airflow movement to the grading area, under the power of high-speed rotation, the thick centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation, the fine particles that meet the particle size requirements are collected by the grading wheel into the cyclone and the dust collector, and the crude particles drops to the pulverizing region to continue pulverization. . The ultrafine pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverization of dry materials using air separation, heavy polishing, and shear.

  It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. The gas generating pulverizer material enters the cylindrical pulverizing chamber through the feed opening, and is crushed along the grinding rail, and the pulverization is achieved. Nowadays, the slogan of environmentally friendly has been widely implemented in various industries. In order to keep up with the pace of social development, all walks of life gradually turn the focus to environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment. The pulverizer is an environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment that saves natural resources. The waste can be recycled and inventory. As a manufacturer, it is only the needs of the social development, and the equipment needs to be manufactured.

  A place in a competitive market. The shredder is successful to recycle waste resources, reduce resources, and save natural resources and energy saving. The crusher can put the raw materials required for further pulverization, production cost furniture industry and papermaking industry, is a model environmental energy-saving device for waste resource recycling. The waste seems useless, but the finished material after pulverizer is very good for the furniture factory, paper mill and the artificial board factory, but there is a very good utilization value, the effective reduction of production costs, thereby brings considerable Economic Benefit (Economic Performance). Therefore, the crusher has been deeply recognized by major manufacturers and users since the listing. Crusher set, smash into a group, can process branches, tree roots, thisThe machine is mainly used in pine trees, pine, poplar, fir, bamboo and other materials, which are suitable for edible fungus processing industries. At the same time, the device can also be used to cut bamboo, grass, corn straw (introduction: mature crop stems), straw and other fiber stalk material chips.

  The pulverizer can also be used in the production of the plate and high density plate. This series of equipment is suitable for mobile homework, which is widely used in small and medium-sized particleboard and fiberboard production enterprises, and can also be used in the production of individual products. The pulverizer follows the development of the development of energy-saving and environmental protection, and the crusher not only improves the living environment, balancing resources, but also gives people benefits.

  Crusher is compact, small size, low energy consumption, efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, seasonal, no dust infection, self-cooling function, easy installation, easy to disassemble, easy to repair, easy to repair It is convenient for replacement. With the advancement of society, urban construction is also accelerating, and the number of waste woods produced each year is also increasing, with a crusher, these waste do not have to be wasted. The crusher keeps with social development to make the waste become a place in the market.