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Improve the maintenance tips for the use of gas flow crushers

  In addition, most of the fruit and vegetable skin, the nucleus contains specific nutrients, which can be directly transformed into food raw materials by airflow abrasion processing. Such as nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, biological flavonoids, such as citrus skin nucleus, have high medicinal value.

  Airflow pulverizer

  In today's production operations, industrial production technology is greatly improved, our life requirements are also increasingly high, and the gas flow shredder gives us production A lot of conveniences. The airflow pulverizer is to accelerate the compressed air through the Lavar nozzle to a supersonic gas stream, and then inject the crushing region to fluidize the material (the airflow expand into the fluidized bed and collide with each other), so that each particle has the same motion state. However, for the service life of the airflow pulverizer, we can only maintain it, care for it, and its service life will lead to more benefits to production. Today, I will introduce you to theairflow pulverizer

  how to make everyday maintenance.

  How do we maintain a gas flow crusher in the usual time to make it last for longer work? Airflow pulverizer

  has the characteristics of the material is easy to pulverize, through the optimization of new fine crush developed by the primary technical parameters, the coarse mill has a large fragmentation, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Features. It is real multi-purpose, high efficiency, low-cost new crushing equipment.

  The following is a few points about the daily maintenance

  airflow pulverizer equipment tips:

  (1) Onlying the airflow pulverizer is based on the cement floor, if the work location is often Variation, we can use it to fix it on an object that is easy to move.

  (2) After the pneumatic grinding is complete, check if the components are tightened and ensure their fastening. At the same time, check whether it is flexible, the cabinet has no collision, whether the rotor is correct, whether the lubrication is good. (3) Do not replace the pulley at will, so as not to avoid the speed of the speed or too low, it will affect the normal operation of the gas flow crusher.

  (4) Carefully check the material to prevent the stone and metal materials from entering the accident.

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