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What should the laboratory small airflow pulverizer should pay attention to during the process?

  The problem of ordinary ultra-micro gas flow is: high manufacturing cost, large investment, high energy consumption, too much powder processing, so that it is also subject to certain fields; difficult to make submicron Level products, product particle size is best in 10 um, and the output is sharply decreased at 10 um, and the cost is rapidly rising; the single-machine handling capacity of gas flow is smaller (both less than 1 ton hour, can not adapt to large-scale production needs; The wear problem of equipment processing accuracy and material is still plaguing equipment manufacturers and factory users.

  The laboratory small airflow crusher is loved by the powder industry, we will take the airflow pulverizer as an example, tell everyone Some problems should be paid attention to in the feeding speed of the series of machines, I hope to help you better use the equipment. Excellent airflow crusher manufacturers have multiplied equipment quality, after years of inspection, winning The trust of the customer is more obvious in the advantages of grinding fineness in Chinese and Western medicine.

  The requirements of the laboratory small airflow pulverizer on the particle size of the feed is not particularly stricter, but according to the actual operation experience of our company for many years, appropriate The raw material coarse grain size is a very effective way to improve the effect. We believe that it is the best size with 20-40 mesh screen. One advantage of crushing under this size is that the impact of thick particles is relatively strong, although Yield will have a little impact, but this is a range that can be accepted, most users can verify according to the situation.

  The amount of feed amount does not only affect the output of the motor, but also There is also a big impact on the output of the motor. The most prone to problems here is that the feed speed is not well controlled, and even many customers have not read the instructions, causing the whole batch of materials directly into the machine when the feed is caused, causing the machine current to increase, fuse Burning or even the motor is burnt. The current reflected by the feed speed can be observed by the current table. If the current is not good, the current is always running in the specified upper limit, and the motor is always overloaded, it is easy to happen motor. The big accident, so the above equipment must pay attention to feed speed during use. When the feed speed and discharge speed reach the normal machine efficiency, the problem that the feed speed is too fast is that the machine will overheate and overload. And the feed speed will cause waste of machine power. The feed speed of the gas flow crusher canThrough the sound of the current table and the feedback of the machine, the appearance of the machine is observed, so in order to achieve a pulverized effect, the feed speed of the machine can be protected in any case, which is a key factor.

  ALPA is the OEM foundry of Germany and global strategic partners, serving more than 3,000 companies around the world, rich in practical experience, and can provide best solutions to customers at any time. The production area strictly controls the pollution of microorganisms to work objects, which meets the corresponding "static" standards to meet the controlled environments required for various material processing and production.