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Which type gas current pulverizer is more applicable to the lithium cobalt-acid product?

  Inert gas protective gas flow emergency stop. The equipment emergency shutdown trigger switch is connected to the oxygen content tester, and the oxygen content concentration monitors by the oxygen content tester has not reached the preset value in a predetermined time, triggered emergency shutdown, the equipment stopped, the introduction of the wind, the grading machine Delayed, the nitrogen supplement system continues to work until the manual shutdown.Lithium cobaltate, chemical formula is LiCoo, is an inorganic compound, which is mainly used to make cellular and laptops and other portable electronic equipment for a positive material. At present, the use of gas flow pulverizing machine is a common means, and the airflow is pulverized with a large production capacity, high automation, fine product particle size, narrow particle size distribution, high purity, high activity, high activity, high activity It is equivalent to it. Among the large domestic airflow pulverms, MQW gas flow crushers have been shown in practical applications for many years, and the advantages of battery materials are high.

  The MQW type gas flow pulverizer adopts a built-in grading system, mainly a combination of combination and hierarchical integration. The qualified fine powder can be graded in the machine, then exported outside the machine, avoiding the pulverization phenomenon, and the automatic circulation of the coarse powder is repeatedly pulverized in the machine, and the pulverization efficiency is improved. During the ultrafine pulverization process, with the extension of the pulverization time, the particle size of the material gradually decreases; at the same time, the specific surface area of ​​the material is gradually increased, and the surface energy is also increased; thus, the trend of fine particles mutual agglomeration also gradually increases. After a certain period of time, the dynamic balance reached by ultrafine crushing and powder reunion is in this state, even if it is prolonged, it is difficult to make the product smash more, and even make the product's apparent particle size becomes thick. This problem, effective measures are to separate the qualified fine powder in time. Therefore, both the airflow pulverizer should be equipped with corresponding high-efficiency fine classification equipment, otherwise it is difficult to achieve efficient and ultra-fine pulverization, and can be divided into built-in and external grading systems according to the combination of grading machines and pulverizer. The external grading system covers a large area, and the material must pass through the pipeline between the crusher and the classifier to enter the grace machine. Therefore, before entering the grading machine), the fine powder is not easy to be separated, and then agglomerate again, and is unfavorable to the classification . MQW gas flow pulverizer for chemical, minerals, building materials, electronics, pharmaceuticals, coatings, dyes, light industry, food, metallurgy, feed and other industries. Can have variousThe machine and inorganic are dry crushing and grading operations.

  Equipment performance characteristics:

  1), MQW gas flow pulverizer is a combined device integral with a smash and hierarchical, a compact structure, convenient installation (no basis).

  2) The unit is put into the raw material particle diameter of about 3 ㎜, and the product particle size D97 is typically adjusted in the range of 3 to 100 μm.

  3) The impact hammer and tooth lining of the pulverizing chamber use special wear resistant materials, improve the life, impact hammer and lining.

  4), the classification chamber is a horizontal turbine grading machine, the frequency conversion speed, the wear is small, the grading precision is high, and the particle size adjustment is easy.

  5), the upper rafter of the upper portion of the material in the material is sent, so the fine powder to achieve fineness in the raw material can be separated from the classifier without passing the crushing chamber, and avoiding the production of pulverization, thereby reducing energy consumption.

  6), the unit is a fluidized bed airflow pulverizer, the unit power is large, so the equipment cost is low, and the entire system is reasonable, and the cost of one-time investment is low.

  7) The middle part of this unit is provided with a guide fan screen, and the material is sent to the top gear wheel to rehabilitate, and the grading effect and precision and yield are improved.

  MQW type gas flow pulverizer is one of the main equipment of Shandong, Shandong Erp, as a source of domestic airflow pulverizer, engaged in ultrafine pulverization, grading equipment R & D, production, sales over 20 years, accumulated tall Successful cases can also provide free experiments and testing to provide security for users.

  To reduce customer pre-investment, reduce project investment risks, improve product competitiveness, and ALPA provides customers with processing services to meet customers' diversification needs. Can be processed by battery materials, environmentally friendly desulfurization, building materials and solid waste, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, food / cosmetics / health products, fine chemicals, powder metallurgy, high-tech materials, and other materials.