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The airflow pulverizer has developed rapidly in many fields.

  Inert gas protective gas flow emergency stop. The equipment emergency shutdown trigger switch is connected to the oxygen content tester, and the oxygen content concentration monitors by the oxygen content tester has not reached the preset value in a predetermined time, triggered emergency shutdown, the equipment stopped, the introduction of the wind, the grading machine Delayed, the nitrogen supplement system continues to work until the manual shutdown.Pullevation refers to the process of refining the powder by means of a certain means, depending on the pulverization means, the pulverization technique comprises ball milling, impact, vibration, extrusion, and gas pulverizing, and the gas pulverizer Strong pulverization, short pulverization time, high pulverization, good uniformity, high production capacity, and high production capacity and degree of automation, become irreplaceable pulverization techniques.

  Airflow pulverizer is a high-speed airflow or overheating steam to ultrafine pulverization of solid materials, which is one of the most commonly used ultra-fine pulverization methods, widely used in non-metallic mines, drugs, chemicals, metallurgy, new materials, Ultrafine processing of products such as ceramic materials, lithium electrical materials, rare earth materials, rare metals, quartz, flame retardant materials.

  In recent years, due to the needs of my country's large-scale economic construction, my country's crusher industry has developed greatly, especially in coal, cement, metallurgy, colored, non-metallic mines, etc. The high-speed development of the industry, the demand for crushing machines also increases high, and the total amount is constantly increasing. The National Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan has clearly indicated that the structure adjustment, transforming economic growth mode, realizing saving, consumption consumption, and emission reduction, in the previous mention, crusher (airflow pulverizer and ultra-fine classifier) The industry puts higher requirements.

  For the next overseas expansion, the General Manager of AlPa Powder Science and Technology said that AlPa Powder Technology is very clear and full of confidence. In the future, AlPa Powder Technology adheres to innovation, quality, service, and constructs "global sales" system to form a global competitive manufacturing enterprise.