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The proportion of laboratory small airflow pulverizer is reduced, and the power is amazing

  Shandong AlPa Powder Technology has laminated two years, successfully completed the special ceramic vertical grading wheel of lithium-electric positive electrode materials with a diameter of 600. Can be used with airflow classifiers. Compare the "ceramic horizontal grading wheel", successfully solved a series of problems such as adhesion, not fine, and unsteady. Shandong ALPA-developed lithium-eM positive material special ceramic vertical grading wheel can strictly control the iron content during operation, the grading is accurate, and the finished product is freely adjusted.For the current research and development of various large equipment, it is actually experimented in the laboratory before. Although there is no relatively 1 to 1 replication formula on the actual impact force, the most typical is the proportional zoom, that is, the results in the laboratory may be very amazing after a certain amount of conversion. . The laboratory small airflow pulverizer should be the most influential and creative basic trend in the industry, and can form a crushing effect through the strong impact of airflow. After scientific estimation, the guarantee does not increase the additional cost, it is indeed crushing skills. It is still very amazing.

  The laboratory small airflow pulverizer is mainly used in small equipment, but the same principle is enlarged. After all, the current market competition and demand are more obvious. It is actually a relatively broad market space for the principle of transplanar. After all, the economic diversification, more economic forms, the laboratory will become a test site for forging many equipment, especially for some of these data and parameters, basically able to pass experiment and final mass production, and the effect is Very gratifying, you can also get more good market returns.

  In fact, many industries investment in scientific research is relatively large, which can effectively improve the necessary improvements in accordance with the set basic data and strategies. According to the current basic data allocation, the principles and effects of laboratory small airflow crushers are very obvious, and greater utilization value can be obtained.

  ALPA built-in ultrafine pulverized laboratory cleaner, superfine powder pulverizer, particle size detection, powder characteristic detection related instruments, can accurately analyze different raw materials Nature, providing 5G-50KG batch raw materials processing, rich microf powder experience and professional crushing equipment can significantly reduce demand for research and development cycles, andAll kinds of problems encountered during the micronization process of the raw materials, welcome friends in need to call us!