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325-3000 Will Fine Powder can be accurately sieved with airflow classifier

  Industry analysts said that with the advancement of scientific and technological progress, manufacturing process improvement, my country's market on micro-powder and ultrafine powder is continuously improved, and the importance of gas flow grinding is increasingly prominent. The downstream application is constantly Expansion, the industry has a good prospect. At the same time, the application of high-performance materials and new materials has also made my country's market automation, intelligence, and high precision requirements in China, and upgrades to high-tech content to the inevitable trend of my country's gas flow grinding industry.

  In the powder processing industry, it is generally a fine powder of 325-3000 meters, from the literal, such a particle size distribution is wider, in practical applications, what we need is often One of the particle sizes, such as 300-500 mesh, 800-1200, such a particle size section. So how can these granule sections of these after a crushing raw material? At this time, the airflow classifier needs to be used. After a large number of practical applications, the airflow classifier can accurately sieve 325-3000 sobers.

  The airflow classifier is the effect of different particle diameter particles in the gas by centrifugal force, gravity, inertial force, and the like, producing different motion trajectories, and achieves grading of different particle diameter particles. The airflow classifier consists of a grading host, a cyclone collector, a dust collector, a guide fan, a resistor cabinet, and the like, which can be used for the precision classification of various ultrafine powder, such as phosphate, tantalum powder, selenium powder, ball aluminum powder. , Molybdenum powder, high chromium iron, vanadium titanium, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, cobalt, nickel, magnesium oxide, alumina, zinc oxide, tin oxide, cobalt oxide, tungsten carbide, metal silicon, stainless steel powder , Alloy powder, silicon carbide, carbide, white god jade, brown jade, diamond, zirconia, cerium oxide, high temperature alumina, silicon nitride, boron nitride, electrical stone, green gallium, cobaltate, cobalt oxide, manganese Lithium lithium, manganese dioxide, lithium nickellate, nickel-manganese acid, lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate, three-dimensional material, natural graphite, artificial graphite, asphalt coke, calcined petroleum coke, lithium hydroxide, tetraned oxide, oxide , Iron phosphate, toner, ceramic material, refractory material, electronic material, magnetic material, rare earth material, phosphor, photocopying material, etc.

  At present, there are many manufacturers of domestic airflow classifiers, and the characteristics of airflow classifiers manufactured by different manufacturers are different. Shandong Erpa is a domestic large airflow classifier source head manufacturerFor 24 years, tens of thousands of equipment and production lines have been provided for all industries at home and abroad, and the gas flow classifier produced has high precision, high efficiency, and stability, so it has higher visibility in the industry. Airflow classification machine can consult 13061397961. AlPa powder technology has always adhered to the development concept of "we use the heart, only the airflow mill", adhering to the "quality first, service-oriented" concept , Has been based on technological innovation, technology research and development as cornerstone, continuously improve the efficiency and safety of improving gas flow crushers, and is committed to providing customers with safer, energy-saving, environmentally friendly airflow mill products, creating more value for customers. Create greater benefits for employees, and make more responsibility for society.