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El Pieces Talking about the principle and characteristics of air flow crusher

  Inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier (nitrogen protection powder equipment), a special pulverization classification apparatus for manufacturing production is customized for various material requirements. Inert gas protection special airflow pulverization grading machine has: full closed circuit design, nitrogen protection isolate oxygen, high pulverized grading precision, uniform particle size distribution, and high yield.Airflow pulverizer principle

  Compressed air or overheating steam After the high-speed airflow is generated and a high speed gradient is formed in the vicinity of the nozzle, the supersonic high turbulence generated by the nozzle is used as the particle carrier. The material of the material enters the nozzle, and the high pressure airflow carries the particles in the pulverizing chamber and forms a powerful rotating gas stream, and the material particles must not only hit,

  and the airflow is also generated on the material particles. Impact shear effects, and the material should also impact, friction, and shear effects with the crushing room. If the energy of the collision exceeds the energy required in the particles, the particles will be pulverized. The fine particles of the pulverized qualified granules are pushed into the cyclonic separation chamber, and the coarse particles continue to be pulverized in the pulverizing chamber, thereby achieving the pulverization purpose.

  The study demonstrated that 80% of the particles were pulverized by the mutual impact collision between particles, only less than 20% of the particles were pulverized and frictionally pulverized through the particles and the pulverized chamber wall. After the gas flow, the average particle size is thin, the particle size distribution is narrow, the particle surface is smooth, the particle shape is standardized, the purity is high, and the activity is high, and the low melting point and thermal material and biologically active article can be pulverized.

  Airflow pulverization technology has the following important features

  (1) Since the compressed air is adiabled with thermal expansion, the system temperature is lowered, the pulverization of the particles is completed at a low temperature, thereby avoiding certain substances during pulverization. The phenomenon that disrupts its chemical composition is generated, especially for the pulverization of the thermal material.

  (2) Gas flow is purely physical behavior, no other substance incorporation, and there is no chemical reaction at high temperatures, thereby maintaining the original natural nature of the material.

  (3) Because the airflow pulverization technique is the pulverization of the material according to the self-grinding principle of the material, the pulverization is air. The pulverized cavity is extremely polluted, and the pulverization is carried out in a negative pressure state, and the particles do not take any leaks during the pulverization process. As long as the air is purified, it will not cause new pollution sources.

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