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Introduction to the parts maintenance inspection of airflow pulverizer

  Airflow mill refers to a high-voltage gas generated by high pressure gases, causing material particles to collide with each other, or impacts the material particles and fixing plates to collide with a mechanical apparatus for pulverizing material purposes. Airflow milling can produce multiple particle size products at a time, with high dust intensity, less dust, low noise, convenient maintenance, simple operation, etc., is widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, new materials, food and other industries Product pulveration field.Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer is a high-speed airflow to realize ultrafine pulverized equipment with dry materials. The full utilization of spray energy is high, and the pulverization is not warmed, no pollution, small wear, high grading accuracy. Advantage. When using a corrugator, it is necessary to conduct regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the air current pulverizer.

  First, the main unit

  1, check the wear of the graded impeller, the helical feeder, and the pulverizing nozzle every twelfth month.

  2, after 200 ~ 300 hours, it is necessary to clean the powder in the nozzle, the inner wall of the cavity and the grading wheel to prevent the crushing and grading effect.

  3, in the pulse valve working for 200 ~ 300 hours, the filter bag or exchange must be cleaned.

  4, hierarchical motor bearing lubrication. When the operation of 2000 hours, the molybdenum sulfide grease must be added properly, and there is not much to add too much, otherwise the bearing temperature is increased.

  Second, the operating maintenance of the air blower

  1, clear the dust inside the fan, especially the blade, especially the blade.

  2, plus lubricating oil (2 # calcium base grease) in the bearing box per month.

  3, during the stop, during the operation, if there is an abnormal noise or the body vibration, the body vibration should be closed immediately.

  Third, the operational maintenance of the pulse bag filter

  1, the solenoid valve operates the environment, check once every three months, and clean the dust. Check the complete situation of the filter bag every six months and replace it.

  2, the air outlet, if there is a routing, check whether the filter bag is detached and damaged. Whether the frame presses loose, the gasket is aging, and replaced.

  3, the pulse controller and solenoid valve check whether it can work properly before booting.

  Fourth, the control cabinet

  The control cabinet pays attention to dust, and the control cabinet door is tight, prevent dust from entering.Into. Painting the dust every half a month, preventing contact with poor contact.

  V. Planet Open Valve

  During the operation of this machine, if you find an abnormal sound, it should be checked immediately. Clean an impeller and body in the body every three months. Fill a 00 # extreme pressure lithium nipide every three months.

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