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Knowledge that should be learned before purchasing a gas flow crusher

  Inert gas protective gas flow emergency stop. The equipment emergency shutdown trigger switch is connected to the oxygen content tester, and the oxygen content concentration monitors by the oxygen content tester has not reached the preset value in a predetermined time, triggered emergency shutdown, the equipment stopped, the introduction of the wind, the grading machine Delayed, the nitrogen supplement system continues to work until the manual shutdown.With the widespread use of ultrafine powder in all walks of life, many materials will use the airflow pulverizer, and the gas flow crusher has a wide variety of airflow milling machines in my country mainly have several types: flat airflow Crusher, fluidized bed for spray airflow pulverizer, circulating tube airflow pulverizer, spray air current pulverizer, target airflow pulverizer. These types of airflow pulverities are also widely used in a flat airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed, a fluidized airflow pulverizer, and circulating tube gas flow pulverizer.

  Crushing equipment required for different industries is also different, like metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mines, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, refractory materials, steel and other industrial mineral materials materials generally suitable for large crushing machines; Food, chemical, medical, greening, sanitation, and other industries are suitable for small crushers. The combination pretreatment operation in each industry is mainly to process 5-10 cm in diameter to 5-10 cm to a small diameter particulate material diameter of 5-10 mm mainly with a coarse random. The medium in the various industries is mainly using a crusher. The raw material processing of high-end products is to break the material after pulverizing operations to achieve the needed material diameter mainly with a superfine pulverizer.

  So before purchasing the airflow pulverizer, it is necessary to consult the professional sales and technicians according to the material properties, demand production, etc., which can also be recommended for a suitable pulverizing apparatus, and they can be tested first, and the professionalism of equipment is taken. And applicability, Shandong El Pieces Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with advanced powder testing centers, including laser particle size gauge, image instrument, electron microscope, etc., can meet the requirements of various powder particle size analysis. The company has a fine-scale, technical equipment, advanced powder processing test base, which can meet the requirements of different product particle size of users, and provide reliable guarantees for the company's technological innovation.

  For the ALPA powder, the artisan spirit is not just a concept, attitude and inheritance. It is a gene that implants all aspects of research and development, manufacturing, marketing, service and culture. One is striving for excellence CraftsmanFor decades, such as a day's pursuit of professional skills, leaning on drilling and inheritance, with focus and stick, explain the artisan spiritual connotation, and create another "alPa manufacturing".