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El Pieces tell you, the use and working principle of airflow classifiers

  After a long-term development, with the continuous improvement of industry research and development capabilities and technical processes, the type of gas flow grinding product is increasing, mainly flat air flow, circulating tube gas flow grinding, rough gas flow mill, fluidized bed gas flow grinding , Target gas flow mill, supersonic speed flow mill, etc. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the application of high-performance materials and new materials is increasing. The performance and quality requirements of the downstream industry have continued to improve, and the new gas flow is constantly developed.The airflow classifier can also be called the airflow sorting machine, the ultra-micro screening machine, mainly used to separate the material after the ultra-fine pulverization is separated according to the required granularity, so that the material is more applying value. The airflow classifier can be used alone or in series with a gas flow pulverizer, a ball mill, a vibration grinding, Raymond mill, and constitutes a closed circuit cycle.

  Airflow classifier is a set of grading systems, a grading machine, a cyclone, a dust collector, a guide, and a splitter. The material is moved from the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the lower airflow at the bottom of the strata, and the crude material is separated, and the fine particles required by the particle size are separated, and fine particles required for the particle diameter requirements are graded by fractionation. The wheel blade gap is collected into the cyclone separator or the dust collector. The thickness of the crude particles is partially disappeared. The roughness of the secondary wind is removed, and the thickness of the thickness is separated, fine The particles rise to the secondary grade of the graded area, and the crude particles are dropped to the unloading port.

  The rotor impeller of the airflow classifier is a composite bidirectional centrifugal, and the impeller is high-speed, and the lower portion of the impeller forms a negative pressure region, and the air in the hierarchy is entry into the lower portion of the impeller, along the impeller flow The road is discharged from the exit, and the spray is flowed out, under the action of the control ring, the air flow is moved to the upper movement, and there is a sport in the axial direction and the circumference, the airflow is flowed inwardly in the hierarchical disk, and the upper portion of the impeller enters the lower impeller. From the lower impeller outlet, the discharged gas stream moves downward in the cartridge, and then flows upward through the inner cylinder to the lower air inlet of the impeller, so that the circulation flows forms a cross circulating airflow. The material input from the star feed valve falls into a high-speed rotating tubing plate, and the metering ring is poured under the action of centrifugal force, and the material is submitted downward in the grading cartridge under the action of the gasket. Under the action of the crude particulate material, slide from the wall of the control ringIn the coarse collector, the fine powder is delivered into the lower micronized cyclone in the upper slight wind collector (the inner cylinder of the hierarchy), so that the raw material is divided into two parts, while the remaining air Then, in the middle of the rotor, the suction mouth is inhaled, flowing through the blade, spraying the fine grain ring, the control ring, and then flows back from the center of the rotor to the rotor, and forms a continuous automatic cycle of the week. Follow the excess air brought into the material and due to high leveling room temperature, excess gas is discharged from the remaining wind to ensure the balance of airflow in the classification, stabilize. Yu Fengkou sets a filter bag, so that the discharged air is not polluting the environment.

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