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Key 12 points to affect the life of the gas flow crusher? Do you know?

  Inert gas protective gas flow grinding isolate oxygen. Before the equipment is started, the air in the closed circulation system is started, and the air is closed, and the discharge system can be replaced with a small amount of air brought by the addition and discharge process, and maintains the content of the system in the system. In the process, the oxygen content tester continuously monitors the oxygen content in the airflow, and nitrogen is supplemented immediately when it exceeds some extent, so that the oxygen content is always maintained within the safety production standard.Any mechanical equipment that has limited life, which cannot be changed, but we can control, which is to extend the service life of the equipment. For airflow pulverizer, it is the same truth, how can I maximize the life of the airflow crusher? This is related to the usual use, we need to properly operate and use the airflow pulverizer as required. More importantly, it is usually in place for the maintenance of

  airflow mill, which is not possible. . The long-term summary of the relevant technicians, in the use of the airflow pulverizer, if you can notice 12 points, you can easily maximize the service life of the airflow pulverizer. The following Elpai Xiaobian takes you to understand this 12 points to note:

  1, the crusher motor is placed before the factory, the coupling has been corrected, please do not loosen.

  2, timing check the fineness of the pulverized finished product.

  3, often pay attention to the vibration of the pulverizer.

  4. Timed the iron impurities on the permanent magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnet.

  5. Regularly check the wear of the wear parts of the pulverizer to see if it belongs to normal wear.

  6, regularly clean up or replace the dust collector bag (ensure the bag breathable), regularly check the working conditions of the solenoid valve (see if it can work properly).

  7. If the crusher is found to be large, the noise is highly stopped when the noise is abnormal.

  8. The opening degree of the impeller feeder fill the door should be adjusted.

  9. When the wear of the crusher screen wear needs to be replaced, pay attention to the flatness of the new screen and whether the size of the screen is reasonable, the installation is in place, and it is best to make the screen face in the face.

  10, when the production of pulverizer is suddenly dropped, in addition to the factors of raw materials, it should focus on whether the replacement door is in place, whether the pipe is leaking, pulseWhether the flushing bag is blocked, the solenoid valve, the fan is working properly.

  11. When the pulverizer is seriously needed to be replaced, it should be careful, ensuring that the weight difference between the two-opposite (1800 direction) hammer pin shaft is ≤1g and two opposing (1800 direction) The total weight of the hammer pin is ≤2g.

  12, the spindle bearing should be added 80 g of grease after 40 h, but only 60%, after 1800 hours of operation, the bearing box cover should be removed and all used grease. When replacing fresh grease, add grease in the surrounding area around the roller and the bearing ring, and a grease in the bottom case plus 1/3 to 1/2, do not add more grease. The above is

  fluidized bed airflow pulverizer 12 key points during use and maintenance, which directly affects the failure rate and end service life of the airflow pulverizer, which is over-year gas flow crusher production The valuable experience of the manufacturer and airflow crusher actually operates, I hope to give a warning role to the user who is ready to buy and have purchased. After all, the airflow pulverizer is a high purchase cost, which can make it used Maximize, maximizing the benefits of enterprises is our common purpose.

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