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Mechanical impact grinding safety operation procedures must be kept in mind

  The critical speed of the temperature of the air flow grinding is 320m / s. When the temperature rises to 480 degrees, the kinetic energy is also in short increase of 150%, so it can improve the work and temperature is also very advantageous. Improve our crushing effect. Depending on the pressure of the work quality is the main parameters that generate jet or airflow, it is also the main parameters affecting the fineness of the pulverization.Mechanical impact grinding also is also called mechanical pulverization, is the application of mechanical force to pulverize the solid material, making it a small piece, fine powder or powder. The correct operation is to ensure the prerequisites of the mechanical pulverizer work together. If the operation is in addition to the problem, what does it talk about the follow-up operation? But there are many people who are only walking with their own feelings, although there is no big problem in the short term, but long time, mechanical impact grinding may have such or such problems, so that we can't do it. So, what is the safety operation procedure of

  mechanical impact? 1. Check all the lines, electrical components, etc. of mechanical impact grinding, whether it is possible to work properly.

  2, whether the machine is grounded, so as not to charge the housing and electric shock.

  3, the crusher is in use, check the working room is enough or slidable, if it should be removed in time.

  4, check the blade, is tightened, whether the blade gap can reach the specified standard.

  5, whether the machine spindle has a card-dead phenomenon, if it should be handled in time.

  6. After the pulverizer is running normally, it will begin to start the feed.

  7. If there is an abnormal situation during operation, if there is a stop check.

  8, the feed should be uniform, not excessive, so as not to increase the burden on the machine.

  9. The pulverizer should stop the feed before stopping. When the machine is completely discharged, it can be stopped.

  10, the mechanical pulverizer can not be cleaned, maintenance, etc. during operation.

  The key to hierarchical impact grinding is the serious and effort of the staff, the maintenance of the machine can not do in place, whether the operation can be properly operated correctly, can regularly perform the necessary inspections on the machine Wait, these are related to impact grinding life, no one canNeglect.

  In recent years, the attention of green and environmental protection and sustainable development has been mentioned unprecedented, whether it is Ningde era, AlPa powder technology is constantly practicing the concept of sustainable development. In the future, there is still an infinite challenge, but as a large-scale enterprise with social responsibility, ALPA powder technology will continue to adhere to technological innovation, and join hands with partners to achieve economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.