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What should I pay attention to when the gas flow crusher equipment is put into production?

  With the rapid development of ultrafine powder related industries, it is widely used in fluid bed gas flow grinding in various industries due to their special performance, and it will become an important member of non-metallic industrial machinery. And key research direction.Generally, after the delivery of the airflow pulverizer is completed in the installation and commissioning of the seller, the early airflow pulverizer equipment manufacturers will arrange professional training for buyer operators, including

  airflow mill equipment open Basic operation, precautions in the production process, the response method of failure, etc., but because the training time is short, the operator cannot fully digest for a time, here El Pie Xiaobian will talk about the airflow crusher equipment. Matters that should be noted during the production process:

  (1) The pulverizer has been placed before the factory, the coupling has been corrected, please do not loosen;

  (2) Timed the permanent capsule and pulverizer feeding Impurities on the permanent magnetic magnetic plate;

  (3) Timer checking the fineness of the pulverized finished product;

  (4) Clean or replace the dust collector bag (ensuring bag breathable), regularly check the working conditions of the solenoid valve ( See if it can work properly);

  (5) Regularly check the wear of the mills of the mills of the pulverizer, see whether it belongs to normal wear;

  (6) often pay attention to the vibration of the pulverizer;

  ( 7) When the wear of the pulverizer hammer needs to be replaced, pay attention to the weighing, ensuring that the weight difference between the two-opposite (1800 direction) hammer pin shaft is ≤1g and two opposing (1800 direction) hammer pin The total weight difference between the shaft hammer is ≤2g;

  (8) When the wear of the pulverizer screen is seriously needed, pay attention to the flatness of the new screen and whether the size of the screen is reasonable, whether the installation is in place, installed It is best to make the screen of the screen;

  (9) The opening degree of the impeller feeder fill the door should be appropriately adjusted;

  (10) If the crusher is found, the noise should be stopped when the noise is high. Check;

  (11) The spindle bearing should add 80 g of the grease after 40 hours of operation, but only 60%, after 1800 hours of operation, the bearing box cover should be removed, replace all used grease. When you change fresh grease, give the rollerAdd a grease in the area around the bearing circle, and add 1/3 to 1/2 of grease in the bottom case, do not add more grease;

  (12) When the production of pulverizer is suddenly dropped In addition to the factors of the raw material, it should focus on whether the reset damper is in place, whether the pipe is leaking, the pulse bag is blocked, the solenoid valve, the fan is working properly.

  The above is about

  airflow pulverizer equipment must pay attention to the 12-point operating precautions when operation, I don't know if I can help you, if you have any questions, you can call El Pieces. Technology National Advisory Hotline: 0816-2547166, there are professionals to provide you with professional advice on gas flow crusher equipment, keep us in contact with us!

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