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Substantial knowledge of small airflow crusher have to be known

  With the national response call, my country's new energy cars have been in the forefront of the world. As the technology is getting higher and higher, the requirements for materials and equipment are also increasing. Gas flow mill has been developed and applied. For example, lithium electrical negative graphite, silicon carbon or the like can achieve ultra-narrow particle size distribution and uniform particle shape; lithium battery positive electrode phosphate, high nickel termination material, lithium manganate, etc. Energy Density.Small airflow pulverizer and large and medium-sized gas current pulverizer, the crushing grading effect is not affected by the size of the equipment, and the application is very extensive. It is more likely to be small, and the operation is simple and favored by users. However

  small airflow pulverizer is not only important in price, but also an important engineering in some basic, let's understand some basic knowledge, so that everyone can more understand small airflow smash machine. 1. Operating instructions for airflow mill

  (1) Related operators, should wear labor protection products before work to ensure their own safety.

  (2) Before the operation, the pulverizer should be checked, whether it is normal, and whether there is foreign matter around the machine, if it should be treated in time.

  (3) When the pulverizer is started, the voltage should be 380 volts, and the current cannot exceed 10 amps.

  (4) During the operation of the device, any item cannot be placed on the motor, which is easily involved in the belt and damage the device. Moreover, the operator cannot touch the power switch to prevent electric shock.

  (5) If it is a new pulverizer, then after three months, the first lubrication should be performed.

  (6) The pulverizer must first debug and trial operation before normal production, and cannot be ignored.

  (7) The pulverizer must first drain the material in the pulverizer before shutting down, and then it can be shut down.

  2. Maintenance of the airflow pulverizer

  (1) Vulnerable parts in the pulverizer should be regularly inspecting how the wear situation is required, whether it needs to be replaced.

  (2) Regularly check the bearings, graded wheels, triangular belts, etc. If there is a problem, it should be handled in time.

  (3) The device is lubricated to ensure its service life.

  Laboratory small airflow pulverizer

  basicsKnowledge seems simple, but wants to truly master, it also requires the training of professional knowledge, and pays attention to the operation of the equipment in normal work, and do a good job in daily maintenance, in order to better utilize equipment to bring greater benefits. .

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