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What are the superiority of laboratory airflow mill?

  Airflow mill tells us that the gas flow mill is still used in the industrial industry, such as flat air flow, other types of gas flow such as spray gas flow, fluidized bed gas flow grinding. Moreover, gas flow grinding is also widely used because gas flow mills themselves have more particular functions, which can save a large amount of manpower, and can also effectively improve labor efficiency, so the use of gas flowing is so common and wide.There are many kinds of laboratory airflow mills, and the small air current pulverizer is only one of

  laboratory airflow pulverizer, what is its superiority?

  Before discussing this problem, we must first give ultramined adjustment, which is ultra-micro, powder industry, actual national standard or other standards, and other standards have not clearly defined the concept, but we often say super micro The concept is often used in the powder, called ultrafine powder.

  Airflow pulverizer industry is divided into several forms of airflow pulverizer, such as a spiral gas flow pulverizer, fluidized bed airflow pulverizer, disc - based gas flow pulverizer, circulating tube gas flow pulverizer, target airflow pulverized Machine, etc., so when you select the airflow pulverizer, it has to confirm the requirements of the material, and understand the various forms of airflow pulverizer to select the reasonable airflow pulverizer. The current airflow crusher industry uses the most spiral airflow. Crusher and fluidized bed airflow pulverizer, spiral airflow pulverizer, also known as disk airflow pulverizer or flat airflow pulverizer, the main principle is to form a helical state in the pulverizing chamber, and the material is rubbed in the spiral tangent Form a crushing effect, the internal mechanism of the cavity is designed, and the maximum particle diameter is effectively controlled, and the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer is the material of the material. Under the driving of the airflow, the crushing effect is realized in the pulverizing cavity, and the upper part of the cavity There is a dynamic classification mechanism that controls the particle size of the material. Therefore, both of the two crushing is used as a power, achieving a crushing effect, requires a compressor to provide a compressed gas source, just a difference in the pulverization process and control particle size;

  laboratory small airflow pulverizer What are the superiority:

  1, not warming, especially suitable for thermal materials, ultra-fine pulverization;

  This point, the laboratory is developing new materials, and considering another form is that using cold air. Method for cooling the mechanical crushing, comparing, comparing the feasibility of crushing performance and processBecause of the actual production, many problems can be solved by mechanical pulverizing function, try to use mechanical pulverization, often the energy consumption of the gas flow crusher

  2, the pollution is small, because the principle of pulverization is the material itself collide with the material. In the relative other pulverized form, the airflow mill is the smallest pulverization process of contamination with a blade or ball mill, so it is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical food industry;

  3, easy to clean, airflow pulverizer is relatively Other ultra-fine pulverizer interior transmissions, especially the spiral gas flow pulverizer, simple structure, easy to clean, no dead angle, can be used as a sterile drug is crushing;

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